Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Animal Wednesday - let's try this again!

Last weekend we went kayaking - it was super gorgeous, warm and just lovely.  The river wasn't too low (drought here)  so the paddling was great.  The lack of leaves on the trees made it easier to see critters, so we got a good show.

I spotted this turtle right away, taking advantage of the warm sun.  My camera had a good zoom, so I didn't scare him/her away.

 Rather arrogant looking - but if you look closely you can see the little turtle smile.

Ah yes, the sun feels lovely but I'm going to put one foot inside my shell...just cause I can.

Mr. Mallard - the Mrs was elusive or nesting

And then we saw an osprey fly overhead so we paddled over to the nest that we watch year after year.

This is Him on a branch of a tree.
 And this is Her.  How do I know who is who?  Because (and this is where the x rating comes in) he flew over.....

and had his evil way with her - once....


 ..THREE times! 

Oh...was someone watching?  We're all ruffled up

We left them to work on their relationship and to lay eggs.

All in all, it was a gorgeous day
Happy Animal Wednesday!  If blogger loses this post...I'm suing.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh good.. Guess you dont have to Sue.. LOL What great shots. Looks like a lovely day to be out playing. I am hoping I can post something. New Blogger wont acknowledge my browser. So its going to be iffy.

Lynn said...

Oh goodie, sex among the ospray! I did think that was a threesome in one shot you took! LOL

Looks like it was a delightful day for all concerned.
Amazing that high up nest they built. Do hope the relationship issues get ironed out. If not send them to me for counseling.

Loved the close up of the turtle too.


Lori ann said...

hee hee haha mim, you crack me up. you've take bird watching to a new level.


~Babs said...

Is this what a porno flick looks like?

I loved the arrogant turtle smile, and this entire post is great!

(I once told Blogger I wanted a refund. They said okay.)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the idea of a turtle smiling. They do seem so contented sitting upon a log sunning themselves. I know it always makes me want to smile when I see them like this.

Such an intimate moment(s) to capture of the osprey. Aren't they beautiful birds!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Love those pictures of you!

sukipoet said...

amazing photos of the osprey. zounds. hope they dont take up a camera and peer in yr bedroom window LOL. turtle is sweet. I saw one down at the pond the other day where I also think I picked up the tick I found clinging to my face. be well, suki

Robin said...

OMG! I am *still blushing* ....Osprey Sex!!! A-ha-ha! But hey, remember those lyrics " Birds do it, Bees do it...
(forget the next line)....let's fall in love!

GREAT photos - and don't they both look so content after! You and your DH kayaked by at just the right moment!

The smug-looking turtle is so adorable....I love it when they stretch a leg and show their balancing abilities!

I remember the photos of the Osprey Nest from last year... the water where you kayak is a glorious haven for Nature!!!

HAW! Haw! HAW! *Three times - get it!*


♥ Robin ♥

marianne said...

what a gorgeous day!
Mr. red cheek turtle and love in the trees :)
Don't try this at home LOL

Katiejane said...

OMG, three of them??? I've never seen anything like this! How interesting. Love your lazy roll down the river. Thanks for sharing.

Teri Casper said...

Awesome shots Mim!!!


studio lolo said...

Totally wonderful post! Did you recover this from your drafts?
I love turtles and Osprey. I didn't see three birds. I see his wings held way up...proud guy!!

I'm glad you had a lovely day. I'm my very best when I'm in a nature setting alone with my thoughts. I just love it.


kj said...


Sex on a limb
A new 'twist' on nesting

Mim, this is darling. I followed the he-she id's perfectly and then I thought, are there same-sex ospreys?

Thinking of you, dear one. Now don't go getting hot under the collar unless of course it's a tweet