Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Big Draw

Thru Suki's blog I found this and I'm gonna try it.  Miss Em will be getting a workout this month 

Monday, September 29, 2008

What was in those boxes

Since Miss Em has lost some weight she is buying new clothes on the 'net...and new art supplies...new shoes and LOTs of new books.  But she had WAY too much fun ordering stuff.  

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Clearly I've been overthinking this MAC

Thanks to Fern and OrangeFrute for setting me straight. Yes friend...I went to a web site - found a picture of an elephant...dragged it to my desktop where it saved as a .jpg and then I just loaded it on this wonderful informative blog.

I was TOTALLY overthinking this process - being used to a PC where I had to right click and turn upside down and open programs etc.

I can't believe it's this easy...is there a catch?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Days can be dangerous

Notice the maniacal smile, wild hair and boxes received. Miss Em needs an intervention. 


Fern gave me the idea of simply dragging the logo to my desktop - which actually didn't work BUT it gave me the idea of saving it...the opening it up and saving again as a .jpg.

I'm off to leave a message from Frute! Thanks Ms. Switch!

I am shy but not THAT shy....

My friend Soulbrush gave out a lovely award - and I appreciate it! But because of my mac-impairment (me...not the MAC) - I'm going to wait until I power up my PC to copy and paste the logo.

If anyone knows how to do this, just let me know. On the PC, I would right click on the logo; do a "Save-As" or "Save picture As" and put it on my desktop...then copy to my blog from there. I know you're all sick of hearing about this...

On a lovely note, I got an ATC in trade from Suki - which has tourmaline rocks on it, and all sorts of lovely papers. Thanks friend, I'll treasure this one.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I entered a contest

Vote for my baby quilt in an on line quilt show! I'm going to enter a few more...this is fun! 

I just got a "commission" to make a quilt for a friends baby and since the father was a football coach, she wants a football theme. Yucky as far as I'm concerned. I've spend hours looking for cool football fabric - it doesn't really exist.  

Oh well....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sometimes it's just all too much...

I just got home from being in PEI all week for work - eating out 3 meals a day with the same three guys. Had to drive hours and hours with them from PEI to Halifax. I'm sure that they are as sick of me as I am of them - and they really are nice work friends. I flew home this morning and went to work. Got home tonight to unopened mail and boxes, too many things around. Clothes that don't fit anymore. Raffle tickets to sell. Papers to file. Dinner to cook and clean up. Batteries to charge and trashcans to empty. Sometimes it's all just overwhelming. I feel like I'm walking into a hole. Miss Em understands....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Animal Wednesday - Miss Em feeds the dog

HAW all! Isn'the a cutie????

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Final Sunday post

I must have missed blogging...I posted a million times today.   But just one more post (please, please) of Miss Em enjoying her final day of vacation before trotting off to PEI tomorrow (yes...off traveling again) for a three day jaunt on that lovely island (please don't rain...please don't rain!) 

Award logo success - with the help of an amazing friend!

With help from Kerstin ( she sent me the .jpeg) I got to copy and paste this logo on my blog! Thank K - you're a gem!

And the rules are to post this on my blog and nominate 7 people to receive it from you. Originally I got this award from Soulbrush

Well, of course Kerstin! My amazing friend who not only helps me with computer literacy from thousands of miles away, but translates into Yiddish for me!

I love all my blogger friends! If you're reading this, consider yourself nominated...and then ask Kerstin how to get this logo onto your blog.

Update: just added this logo again on a PC - if anyone can see it...let me know!!! thanks, Mim

Rotary trip to Africa - AIDS clinic

A former colleague is on his way to Kenya to work for 3 weeks in an AIDS clinic. Carl is a geneticist, sailing enthusiast, and horse riding nut! Overall a good man...and he is doing wonderful things in his retirement - to tell you the truth, if I'd known about this trip - I would have gone with him. We worked together for years on AIDS diagnostics testing, developing a very cheap but very accurate test that is still being used in certain countries in Africa to this day.

Follow his blog here

What I actually did

I am a list maker, I know this about myself and I do enjoy my lists - they help me keep my head on straight.  To me, a list of "things-to-do" is a guideline...options....things to think about.  If it's a grocery list I take it more literally.  A vacation list is a roadmap of ideas...concepts...and dreams.   In that spirit - I redo/cross off things from my vacation list. 

The main point of vacation was to reconnect with Mr. T, the hubby.  We did get there...not as quickly as I would have liked, and we could have used more time to firm up the feelings. We haven't been away together, just us two, in over three years and it shows.  I am pushing for a commitment to do this at least once a year, if not more.  To date, spend quiet time together, relax and enjoy each other.  

I'll keep you posted. 

(Damn, damn and double damn.  I copied my list from a few posts ago and updated it with bolded letters, and preview told me it would show...but it isn't showing!!! I don't understand this damn computer at all.  I guess in a nutshell - I did everything I wanted to on this vacation, and my list was just that...a list of options) 

New award, and MAC frustration

Our friend Soulbrush gave me (and many others) this new award and I'd love to pass it on but still have no idea how to copy the award with this darn mac.  Orangefrute - where are you when I need you????? I need MAC help. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adventures of Miss Em - on vacation

Getting Ready for vacation

Enjoying the morning CoffeeMore adventures to come


Yes, vacation is over. Rocky start...too many expections and really lousy weather, but we made the best of it, and as usual - wanted to stay longer.

Lot's to write about, and digest but here is a sunset from last night, and the beautiful weather today (WHY is the most beautiful weather on the day that you leave? )

One funny story. On the ferry ride over there was a family with 3 kids, all wanted to have a turn at one of those coin operated fixed binoculars. The littlest one was helped by the oldest one and he looked into the binoculars and saw the moon. He yelled out loud with complete joy - "I see the moon and I also see JESUS".

He was completely happy.

His mom had a little chagrined look on her face but we all just grinned at her...and whispered "it's a miracle!"

Animal Wednesday

Yes, it's only Saturday...but I just wanted to say that if you know anyone who wants to join Animal Wednesday...just send them my way and I'll link to their site!

As we all know, there are no rules to AW (except to wish your fellow animal lovers a Happy Animal Wednesday). You can do paintings, photos, drawings, pawprints or words only. Anything goes for the Animals.!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Animal Wednesday - the biggest BULL

I have never seen a bull so big. You have nothing to compare it with in the photo, but he was 2x the size of other bulls that I have seen.
HAW everyone!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Vineyard Images

My little camera has been getting a workout.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rainy vacation

So far it's been raining or cloudy, which is OK by us.  Lots of sleeping late, lounging and what not. But I have also had time to catch up on some of those pesky tasks that were bugging me...like catching up on the mail...and old magazines...and some sewing and yes...I started a sweater!  Took a great hike yesterday to a beach overlook - my first hike since surgery.  Felt great.

I'm so relaxed that I'm practically jelly.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vacation tasks

This is what I plan to do on vacation.

1) Read all my backed up magazines.
2) Open mail from two weeks ago.
3) Start knitting a sweater
4) Finish handsewing a quilt top
5) Start...maybe even finish...hand quilting another baby quilt. (Nah..I won't finish it)
6) Read at least 5 books
7) Do alot of artwork, pen and ink and watercolor.
8) Kayak
9) Walk and hike
10)Bike ride
11)Tootle around the island.
12)Eat good food,
13)See good friends.
14)Remember why I actually liked the guy I'm vacationing with
15)Shower in the outside shower - every day
16)Take pictures
18)Watch movies that I have hanging around for months/years
19)NOT work
20)Check blogs
22)Remember why I actually got married.
23)Enjoy the island.
24)Have drinks at night outside by a fire maybe even, or on the beach watching the phosphorescence in the waves.
25)wear my warm sweatshirt with shorts
26)Sleep well, with open windows and comfy warm blankets
27)Stop at antique stores
28)go to the Scottish baker store, pies with shortbread crust
29)watch the sheep
30)watch the llamas

Which ones do you think I'll actually do?

Animal Wednesday - Black and White Chicken

Black and white chicken - colored pencils on Bristol paper.

I have about 3 animal pictures in the works...but with all day meetings, and evenings out for work, I just don't have time to work on anything! We are leaving for Martha's Vineyard on Thursday night - for over a week, and getting ready to go on vacation is more work than getting ready to leave on a business trip. Bicycles to pack up with all that gear - kayaks and their gear; warm weather shorts and cool evening jeans and fleece. Friends coming over to visit during our vacation, so we are bringing home cooked food and goodies.

Should be fun if I don't have a nervous breakdown first! Expect an animal photo next week - no scanner!

HAW to you all,

What Color are you?

Yesterday around 10 of us at work were at an off site all day long meeting (which continues today and tomorrow). Prior to the meeting we had to answer questions about word descriptions that fit you...or don't fit you - scored as 1 - 5. I'm sure that a lot of you have taken these types of personality test, they're interesting to read but not anything that you wouldn't know if you pay attention to yourself and everyone else in your life.

Anyway, we all did the test - got assigned our "colors" and then had to stand in a corner and describe your personality. What was funny was that I was the only "yellow" in the group - everyone else was a red or blue. Red is more aggressive; blue is analytical and yellow is a motivating inspirer. I was up there all alone defending/explaining the soft side of life. Funny thing was - after I read the personal description that they provided (which was so accurate it was frightening) I blurted out "I'm a Labrador!" Yes, it's true...I'm actually a dog in disguise. I'm happy to see people, I hate loud voices. I trust first and ask questions later. I'll retrieve all day long if you want me to. If you're mad at me, I will patiently wait until you get over your snit.

Aside from all the other stuff during the day that was annoying, or tedious - I was pretty happy to find out that I'm a Lab.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home after a weekend away

I didn't want to go away this weekend but it seemed like the "right" thing to do, since my brother was also coming into Florida for the weekend.  Another point of "listen to your gut feeling and do what you think it the right thing for you" getting ignored again. It turned into an unsettling trip for me, and I was fairly cranky the whole time.  Since I didn't really want to go, I got all antsy on the plane and felt cornered, had to get up and move my seat (luckily there was room) to the bulkhead.  I finally settled down and got relaxed enough to enjoy the flight.  Got picked up in Tampa, and drove down to Sarasota.  

I think the first thing that unsettled me was the fact the ALL the lanai furniture was in the house because of the hurricane threat.  I slept in the spare bedroom, but couldn't use the closet or the drawers as they were all blocked by that nasty vinyl web furniture.  I've seen it this way before, so have no idea why I was so unsettled by it.  Secondly, I'm not that familiar with being there at the same time as my brother, so we kind of got on each others nerves a tiny bit!  Thirdly - there is just too much to do!  I'm perpetually cleaning when I am there, there is clutter everywhere and I just have the overwhelming urge to organize, or clean.  My MIL lives down there now and I have to see her, and the aunts and other cousins.  I got the guilt trip from MIL, who wanted me to help with her computer...and from mom who wanted to know why I was with MIL.  And one of the aunts is insulted because I didn't see her - all this because I took two hours for myself on Saturday AM to get some essential "beauty" work done. And I wanted to spend time with my brother, who I really adore, and with Dad - who can barely see me when I walk into the room.  Somehow it never fell into the rhythm that I usually get going after a day.  

Maybe it's just too many changes at once, or the realization that they (the 'rents) are so old and while they are independent now, they will not remain that way for very long.   I rely on Mom to be upbeat and to dye her hair red, and to exercise every morning (despite being 85 years old), and to be the "crazy aunt".  I rely on Dad to know how the economy is going,  and to listen more than he talks, and to throw out a few stories every now and then.   I dread a bad illness for mom, where she won't be able to care for herself.  I know that Dad is just going to get skinnier and skinnier and be the incredible shrinking man.  I know it all,  I know it's inevitable, but I hate the thought..and it was enough to get me completely unsettled this weekend.  

I'm glad to be home, but wish my parents lived closer so that not every trip would be such a long ordeal; that I could just pop over with dinner, or take them out to Sunday brunch.  It's not that it would be easier - but I think it would be better - for them..and for me. 

Illustration Friday - Clutter

After a weekend with the folks..and MIL...and aunts, cousins and brother - the inside of my head is totally cluttered. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Florida visit

I am off to Florida for a visit with my folks and my brother, and other family members. Hope I don't get caught in the hurricane! I come back and then we are off to Martha's Vineyard for a week...and I just ordered a sweater pattern and some wool to knit with . What am I thinking...another project????
Ah well...enthusiasm as usual,
Have a good weekend all,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Little original works of art - 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Any medium. Any topic. Fun to work on, and have a nice little pile of artwork to trade.

Recently Suki posted some ATC's for trade - and made me wonder what I had for ATC trade (or any trade). Here are some of the ATC's that I have for trade - Suki - you can have one of these or the Face 4 which is still available.
I belong to Monday ArtDay ATC - where I trade, or do theme sponsored trading. Easy to do when traveling, and fun to think of something to illustrate for "Monster" theme.

All and any trading of ATC's or other artwork encouraged!

Animal Wednesday - Transportation

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I was going to post a picture of all the bees feeding at the wall of flowers near our house, but I've lost my camera :( and am miserable about it). I know it's somewhere in the house, I even dreamed where it was last night but it wasn't there when I woke up.

Instead I called up some old pictures of dragonflies that I took a few months ago, and went with the concept of bug transportation that has had me thinking recently.

Needs reworking, I used hot pressed paper with both watercolor and pencils and it came out uneven., but you get the drift. DH thinks it should be a carnival ride, and all the little bugs should be throwing up their hands (legs? paws?) with glee.

I love to think about these silly ideas. Fun.

Soulbrush has asked me to design a logo for Animal Wednesday so I'm working on that. I'll keep you updated, and will ask for votes, advice etc.

HAW everyone