Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting ready for a little trip

I am heading down to florida to get ready for mom's 90th birthday party.  My plan is to relax, work on the book, relax, sit in the sun, have a pedicure, relax, visit with family, go to a Sedar, relax, sleep, have visitors, rent a car, pick up people at the airport, check on the food and the hotel, check to see if we have music ready (gaa!), relax, go to the beach....and then party, and then collapse and relax some more.

Think my goals are unrealistic? do I.  I think if you take that list and remove all the "relax" part, it'll be more like it.

Oh only turns 90 once right?

I'll take pictures.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It willl be a lot of work but so worth it. Have fun. Can't wait to see Mom in all her glory with family and friends around.

Lori ann said...

ah vacations are for fun! relaxing for home. happy birthday mom!

Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet birthday wishes to your wonderful mom!
I know you will enjoy the joy in all the family gatherings!
The true relaxation probably comes when it's all over!
Happy Seder... Just came from ours early ...awesome making uncle Harry so HAPPY!

Agnes BeaderBubbe said...

And don't forget to relax.....being in the sun will certainly make you feel like it...send some up to NY...happy birthday to your mom....

Robin said...

Have FUN in the Sun with your Mum! A-ha-ha! Give her a big hug from me!

Paint your toes BLUE - like Lynn did!


♥ Robin ♥

sukipoet said...

Just think how thrilled your mom will be at this beautiful party you have created or will create. enjoy the warmth, your mom, your relatives.

kj said...

The adrenalin will be flowing!

I wish I could be there to help carry the flowers and point the way to the bathroom :-)

Such a festivity. Your Mother will never forget xo


supplies overflowing! said...

So funny!! We just celebrated my mother's 89th over the weekend with a small gathering of family members. Relax? Ha! Even with a broken foot I had to be up and about and entertaining!
Hope you have a great time!

marianne said...

It sounds like a fun trip! And leave the relax part in the list dear! You will need it. Enjoy your trip and the party!

Amanda said...

many happy birthday wishes to your dear mom and hope the trip was great! how was your seder? (my husband's family has held a seder with the same folks for over 40 years....!)