Saturday, June 15, 2013

A great day for a Bike Ride

We took a bike ride today on one of the prettiest Rail Trails that we've ever been on. We were out in Rutland, MA - and other towns around there, and I for one was completely lost but enjoyed the views.

There were lovely blue ponds and we could hear the red winged blackbirds calling.

The photo doesn't do justice to the path and the stand of pines that lined it - it was just spectacular.

 This lake fed to a dam, with a hugh stone water management building - I think it was built in the '20s, and was wonderful looking.

There were babbling brooks - with all the rain we've been having - the water was gurgling everywhere.

Another lovely lake view

And whimsical art by the side of the path.

I am off to Japan tomorrow for a week, and am packing and repacking to stay within my weight limit - it ain't easy!  One full week of business meetings and dinners.  I'll be with colleagues (thank god) but I'll be homesick like crazy.  I hate losing summer weekends, and I'm losing Sunday and the following Saturday.  One consolation - 13 hour flights with nothing to do but read, snooze, and knit.  Could be worse.

Have a lovely week.


Lynn Cohen said...

Beautiful country!
Enjoy Japan. Have you been there before? I hope you get to see the countryside there!

kj said...

Hello Mim, are you at the airport? Here's wishing you an interesting trip--a full week of business! I hope the folks you are with are off hours enjoyable, unless the time by yourself in a cozy hotel room is even better

This bike ride is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous . I love lakes: they take me to a different time, quiet and deep.

And a gurgling brook and a pine lined trail . Everything but the water lily girls popping their heads up to say hello

Safe travels my xo friend


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your bike ride looked fabulous. Love these summer days. I hope your business trip is uneventful and you get plenty of rest coming and going.

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Lovely bike ride to remember while in Japan. You will be back in no time as time seems to fly these days.

Amanda said...

what gorgeous shots (i adore redwing blackbirds btw - just saw a bunch when visiting my son in wisconsin this past weekend)

Japan!??! have a fantastic trip!!

Snowbrush said...

It just looks so good!