Sunday, October 13, 2013

Experiment - Stars and Starfish

When I started this blog it was to get feedback on paintings and drawings, and I want to continue to ask for help, opinions, thoughts.  

I was playing with paints on a foggy saturday - just to play.  of course I turned to fish, and underwater theme.  I took a photo of the Work in Progress, and then added some "water" on the computer, if I was doing it for good I'd add the water in actual watercolors. 

I'd love opinions.  While I like the watery effect, I think the second one starts to look like a fishbowl! 

I have some other ideas on how to add a watery effect but that will take trial and error. 

Whadda ya think? 


kj said...

i think more color and depth needed for the water.

but i tell you, mim, this is fabulous. you are really really really really good.


Teri Casper said...

Of course you turn to sketching fish and
I would deepen the colors but not sure if lookiing through water should be darker or lighter.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the idea of looking through the water but it waters down the painting as is.

Lynn Cohen said...

Wonderful drawing / painting first of all. I m not sure I like how the 'water' mutes the colors so much. I'd say keep working with paint else where and apply it when you are sure. Hugs and thanks for sharing your wonderful art here.

Hilary Mosberg said...

What a great drawing. I like the "waterline" of the watercolor paint edge in the top version. Maybe you could try enhancing the division of above and below with color temperature (warm above cool below for instance) and intensity (paler below, darker above or vice versa) to clarify things. Whatever way you go it's going to be a lovely piece. XOXOHilary

Lori ann said...

i don't know mim, but i know you'll figure it out! love your watery picture!!

soulbrush said...

I am out of my depth in this as i don't do watercolours, but i DO love your fishies -always have and always will.