Friday, November 22, 2013

Chanukah Day 3

What an interesting discussion on FB about privacy and images  I learned a lot about FB today - still think they have big issues around privacy but I've calmed down about images being shared.  

I've got to add a turkey into this series somewhere.


Snowbrush said...

Blogger keeps me busy enough, and I like its looks better.

Teri Casper said...

I have been watching these on FB and just love them.

Lynn Cohen said...

Such a cute and festive Chanukah series. Yes, this is the first and last in our life times that Chanukah will fall on Thanksgiving! Enjoy both!

Lynn Cohen said...

You know, if you do all eight days you will have a series of cards AND a book for children done. I support your self publishing it. I'd buy it for Allie Bel.

kj said...

hello there my friend who paints with such charm and ability. i agree with lynn--these would fly off card shelves.

not that i'm not prone to fashion the water lily girls the most. :^)


soulbrush said...

These touch my heart and I agree with Lynn, let's see them in a book with Ms Em and Mr Tee.