Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Blog

I've started a new Blog at MStella - Illustration.  It's not that I really want a new blog to manage, but needed a website, and needed a link that I can put onto Facebook that stays away from any personnel discussions, angst, etc etc.  Purely artwork and illustration.  It'll undergo many design changes in the future, in fact I'll probably be looking for someone to help me with that project.

So whew.

I hated the fact that this blog, which is personal, would be exposed to Facebook  - where I am connected to people at work.  So this answers both needs I think, and it's a relief to get it done.

And I'd love your comments and suggestions on the new space.


sukipoet said...

sounds good Mim. shall go there presently.

Robin said...

Yes.....seconding Suki.... will visit regularly!

OMG....packing sooooo much for the cold!


♥ Robin ♥

marianne said...

Great idea Mim!

Amanda said...

I admire how you are able to manage many blogs along with Facebook - I don't think I could keep track of it all! Good for you to create a space just for your artwork (although this one is pretty darn good for that as well!)

Pamela Smallcomb said...

I'll come visit soon! I think it sounds like a great idea to have a separate blog. It's hard to know what to share with whom sometimes. :) xo

Lynn Cohen said...

I like everything about it, especially the art. But I become disgruntled with blogs that have identity verification/word verification when I have to read the scrambled words and numbers before I can leave a comment. Perhaps it protects you somehow, but I find it a challenge and an eye test. Don't like that! Just saying.

Debra Kay said...

Such a good idea. I still blog for a thought that requires more than 300 characters and maybe for thoughts I don't want to share with every dog friend, work friend etc. in the universe.