Monday, August 3, 2009

Beach sketches

We went to the beach yesterday - on Martha's Vineyard - one of my favorite places. The water was so rough that I got knocked down, rolled around on the ocean floor and came up sputtering and exhausted. Tons of sand in the bathing suit, but completely refreshing. After that, I didn't go in again and we actually heard later that a few people had dislocated shoulders from getting thrown around in that wild water.

But I took my sketchbook and tried more short sketches. NO one cooperated by standing close to me for more than 1 minute - I was so frustrated with my "models". They would be standing in front of the water but instead of gazing out over the rough seas, they insisted on continuing their walks or moving around talking to friends. Very inconsiderate to me, I thought. So all of these sketches, except the guy in the chair (and even he kept moving his head) were about 1 minute and then re sketched over when I got home. I didn't worry about heads or feet - that would have tipped me over the edge!

Even the damn seagull flew away. You know how they usually stay still waiting for food to drop? Not yesterday. Constant movement.

This girl really did have very sturdy legs and from the front she looked almost pregnant. And she really did have a very high waist! Strangely for New England- many people who were wearing bikini's shouldn't have been!

This gal had a very curvy figure but also strange rolls of fat and to me she would have looked better in a one piece. I think I should start a new show called "What not to wear on the beach"
This person was in constant motion but I tried to get her from two angles.

This guy is growing a lovely beer belly...and I didn't know how to do the crossed arms - that needs work.
After complete frustration with my models, I resorted to my feet and the cooler. Just as I was sketching the cooler handle a rogue wave came up, soaked my towel and clothes, and forced me to put everything down and flee!
I've never done quick sketching before and I can see how you need to practice, practice, practice. It forces the brain to get into quick observations; I think I'll take a drawing class this fall at our local museum, it would be fun and I need all the help I can get.

Anyway, it was a wonderful day at the beach - relaxing, gorgeous and all that I love about summer in New England. I'm hoping for a few days like that when the family gets here.


soulbrush said...

these are very very good, i see exactly what you saw. whew, don't think i could do this, never tried. i agree totally, most women can't wear a bikini...but damn, i wish i could! tee hee.
wordveri:yekin (what you said when you saw these women!)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sketching like this is difficult but I am sure it would help ones observation skills as much as sketching skills if you did it more often. I have only done it a time or two. At a dr office you usually have more time to sketch people. I have done some sketching there. Models are much more cooperative. tee hee...

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

These are fun sketches. Martha's Vineyard? Oh how lovely. Bummer about the hard waves tho. Thanks for sharing. How far are you from there?

Debra Kay said...

I need to practice the art of observing without being so obvious-especially in restaurants. Restaurants are great if you can do it without being seen, because people generally hold still.

I've always envied men their apparent ability to be proud of the their beer bellies. But I think a lot of times it's just false pride to hide the insecurity because they HAVE a beer belly.

I would just as soon be naked as have an ill fitting bathing suit. Being naked says "this is who I am" ill fitting bathing suit says "see how far I am from what I want to be?" and that makes me uncomfortable.

Lynn said...

I love your sketches and your commentary. And am glad you were not hurt in the wild waters at the Cape.
I too plan to take two class this fall, one in Sept.,which is drawing and meditation; and the other in Oct. in watercolors to learn 25 more techniques. Same teacher I took from last year. Excited to do it again.

katie jane said...

Boy, nothing cooperated with you, did it? But you did a fine job with all of it, I think. I get the picture! So glad you had such a nice time. Wish I were there.

sukipoet said...

wonderful sketches, esp like the pot bellied fellow. true of just about everything isnt it: practice...

Glad you had a day on the Vineyard. be well, suki

studio lolo said...

Do you mean to tell me most New Englanders you see on the beach look good? Hmmm, not my recollection but then again I was among them!
I haven't worn a bathing suit since I was in my twenties. I could have because I looked pretty good. I just didn't feel it. Now I'd be harpooned for pete's sake.

I love these sketches Mim. I think you did a great job! I especially like the one of the young lady in movement and the guy in the chair sans feet and hands.

I'll get to MV and Nantucket now that I live here. It's a promise to myself ;)

~Babs said...

How rude that your models wouldn't hold still,,,,I hope you didn't pay them!
I love the ocean, but it sounds way too rough for me, you must be very brave!
Love your place at #4,,,,come see me at #64,,it's right on the beach, with lots of room!

Barbara/myth maker said...

I think your sketches are coming along wonderfully.

ElizT said...

I find it helps, sometimes, to take a mental 'photo' and then look down and draw.

Renee said...

Mim I love the beach sketches.


PAK ART said...

I love your sketches and your commentary...I got a kick out of Debra Kay's comment. I'm afraid I couldn't do either, swimsuit or nude. I'm sure I'd be harpooned also.