Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Minute Post

I hate leaving home and tend to find last minute things to do around the house, it eases my anxiety about travel. So here I am posting some recent work when I should be dressing. Ah well...if I miss the plane...I'd get to stay home (not really, I won't miss it!)

This is a study in color that I was working on. I don't really have an inherent sense of what colors pop forward and which go back, so I tried this exercise - which is helpful. Same theme, different backgrounds.

I have been working on some small items that I will try to sell at a local craft fair. These are some little chairs that I got somewhere, they have hooks on the back so they can hang on the wall. I use them to hold paintings or photographs, they are about 15 inches tall. They were plain black so I "decorated" them. I went with the freehand look...what do you think?

I also had this torso shaped item, which I use for hanging necklases from. I don't know what the original use was supposed to be, the item was wearing a skirt, and was kind of odd...

Another painted mirror - sorry it's so blurry - I didn't want to show you my reflection as I am in my jammies!

Three people at work have asked me to make baby quilts, so I started this one with my favorite monkey fabric. I don't know if you can tell, but the outer border has banana's on it, and I used that same fabric for the back. I'm going to freehand quilt circles in the orange border and lines in the yellow border. Should be cute. DH loves this quilt and thinks that no one would actually use it for a baby, but would hang it on the wall. I hope not, as I love the thought of a baby snuggled in a warm bright quilt.
And I finally finished the quilt for my nephew - which is using the sea fabric that I got in Florida and used for the "under the sea" baby quilt from a few days ago. This quilt is HUGE - 85" by 85" and was very tough to work on as I don't really have a place to lay out something that big and pin it together. But I did get it done, with some creative sewing techniques. I only 'stitched in the ditch" on this one, no fancy work.

Okay - I'll go finish packing and get ready to go to AZ. I am bringing more art stuff than clothes, as I will be staying with my sister and mom in a house near my niece. The two of them are slow starters in the morning, and I am up early. After an early morning walk, I plan to work on ATC's and other drawings until the two lazies get up. Everyone says it is very hot out there, so I think that the early morning will be the only time to get outside and enjoy the dry air.

Have a great weekend.


studio lolo said...

There's a shop here called "Whimsies" and they sell hand-painted things like the ones you did. You'd do well there! The brighter the better.

I'm in love with that monkey quilt! Who doesn't have a soft spot for sock monkeys? And your nephews!

I don't know if you'll have a laptop with you or not, but HB left a comment for you on my Buffalo Moon post because she can't get through to you.

Have a super time!

(And thanks for the birthday wishes:)

soulbrush said...

i love the chairs and the quilts of course. and that 'bust' is great, i would buy that for sure, and the blue-er chair. i hope you have a good time and i know you will make the most of every single moment you

Debra Kay said...

The chairs are great-I used to have a red chair hanging on my wall in an Dallas apartment....I just really liked the chair and couldn't think of anything else to do with it.

Your monkey quilt reminds me of a quilt my Mom made for me when I was young. It was several shades of blue with orange kangaroos on it. I loved that quilt!

Lynn said...

Oh my, so much to comment on here.
Starting with the huge quilt...I love how you put the head of the turtles in the next border round them. Wow. The whole thing if fab.

The monkey quilt is adorable. Never seen that fabric. Those little monkey faces will really pop all stitched around them by machine I imagine? You are quite the talented quilter Mim! Makes you taking mine all the more wonderful for me. ;-)

The little chairs, mirror and body form are all decorated delighfully.
Love the colors. someone will scoop each one up at the craft fair I am sure.

Your perspective drawings are interesting to me as well. Learning with you.

Sorry if I forgot anything.
Have a wonderful trip, have fun, and stay cool.

PS It's fun to see a bit of your studio too, the little box in the big frame intrigued me.

sukipoet said...

just love the chairs and i would certain use the monkey quilt, it is just darling. your nephew's quilt is lovely too. You have been busy. Heat. Wow. that sounds great to me. bon voyage.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You won't have to bring home any of those little chairs from the craft fair. They are just darling as are the other objects you painted.

The baby quilt is to die for. If my daughter would ever have a baby she would love this for her child. I would love to give it to her. Reminds me of her "monkey" that she had as a child.

Wonderful works all. Have a great visit with the lazy ones. ;)

ElizT said...

Amazing quilts!

katie jane said...

I think I love your little chairs!! And your torso, and your frame! But mostly your chairs. I hope you do well at your art fair.

Your quilts are so good! Who wouldn't love these? I had a sock monkey like the one in the monkey quilt (well, who didn't, back then?)so it conjures up some pleasant memories.

I hope you have a fun and safe trip. Take lots of photos.

Teri C said...

Hoely moley Mim, everyone of these pieces are fabulous! Love the chairs, love the quilt and love that you are going to AZ! Wish I was going to be there too.

Happy travels.

Mim said...

Thanks everyone!

Renee said...

Mim I hope that you have a nice time away.

The quilts are amazing. I especially love the monkey one.

Thank you for telling me about your brother. I will ask Jacquie again what the cancer is and will send it to you.

Thank you dear heart.

Love Renee xoxo

Snowbrush said...

I really love the quilt. I like the chairs too, but like chairs two and three (which look like they could be the same chair) better than chair number one.

Happy travels!

kj said...

mim oh mim, where is my comment? i chatted away about all the talent-filled and wonderful things you are creating and nowhere! my comment is nowhere in sight. not fair!

so i'll just say one thing that was once one of many: i love the way you use a black background to splash those colors around.

oh and another thing: i'm learning perspective along side you.

and one last thing: oh those quilts. this one is incredible! baby drew loves loves loves his.

you are great, mim. i'll bet by october.... xoxo

Michele said...

Do you really hate to leave home? You travel so much. I too hate to leave home but I rarely travel so it works out : ) As usual, I love all of your stuff and especially the quilts ... the monkey one is so darn cute!

Stampmaiden said...

Mim, great chairs. Love the colors their whimsy-ness. And the monkey quilt, wow! Love it's vibrant color and images!
I got your ATC in the mail today and it made me grin bigger than the Monkfish! LOL! Thanks so much. I love it.

Renee said...

Mim dear Mim, thank you. I can always count on you being kind to me.

Mim I found out the name of the cancer (I think).

Carcinoma Sarcoma, please thank your brother for me ahead of time for even looking into it.

Love Renee xoxo

PAK ART said...

I love it all but my favorite is the monkey quilt. I had a sock monkey as a child (my first sewing project and it wasn't perfect but very much loved). The chairs are my second favorite. I could see putting those on the walls to hold little unique items, pictures, treasures, etc. My husband would probably freak out, but I would love it!

Bella Sinclair said...

Dear Mim,

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful message. It brought me comfort and strength. I cannot tell you how helpful it has been to know that there are wonderful friends who are lending their support. Thank you so very much.

And I must tell you how impressed I am with your beautiful work! Your art is utterly fantastic. I love your paintings and sketches. And these handpainted items are treasures. But your quilts -- oh how they absolutely blow me away. Beautiful, incredible work. Those sock monkeys are too adorable. :)