Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Animal Wednesday....and some more comics

We were bike riding this weekend and stopped near a lake - this guy was singing his heart out just above our heads. He went on for a long time with a beautiful clear song - just a joy to hear.

Comic book class was last night - the instructor and I talked about how to get Miss Em published. He does something at DC comics - aside from drawing for them - so really knows what he's doing. We literally talked about a book of 8.5 X 11 or another size. My head is spinning and I have alot of work to do, but am looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, he gave us large pieces of paper and wanted us to put a complete comic page. The exercise was to loosen up our drawing - no precise penwork allowed, just black ink and pencil really. 45 mins to complete the whole thing.

I decided to work on an idea that I'd been having of Miss Em making a Golem to help her against all the evil and sadness that is around. In the first three panels, she sees oily water, plunging world economy, and hot temperatures. In the next two panels, she is reading about book about making a Golem (I think I spelled it wrong in the panel- oops)...then working over a caldron, and in the final scene - a superhero (albeit a rather chubby one) is formed and she is urging him to go outside to save the world. Of course, she would have to be careful that he doesn't run amuck - these creatures are not known for their intelligence.

It was a fun exercise, and a theme that I might develop more on later. A little odd for our Miss Em, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Anyway - Happy Animal Wednesday to you all,


kj said...

oh mim! this is SO EXCITING.

a REAL cartoon.


i LOVE it all.


i think the super hero should be a WOMAN POW! BANG!

even if you want her to be dyke-y!

it was all those guys in the room, wasn't it?

love love love you mim

Lori ann said...

Love the birdsong Mim, and love the pen and ink drawing too.
well done and keep it up.
xo lori

AtelierBrigitte said...

Great story with Miss Em! And fun exercise only to work with ink and pencil.


Teri C said...

I love her story! Isn't it amazing that you took this class at such a perfect time?!!!!

studio lolo said...

I smile each morning as I awake to a chorus of songbirds. I love it!! This guy looks like a robin??

I adore this panel!! I have no idea what a golem is, I'll look it up but I get it now from your explanation. The overhead shot of her at the cauldron is superb! You are really loosening up...and YAY for moving forward!


Robin said...

Lo may be could be a Robin (not me...) - I see a reddish breast - but the had colour seems different. They do have a lovely singing voice.

Miss Em is really coming into her own.. for you to have done this, "under pressure" in 45 minutes is FANTASTIC! Love the Golem....I have faith Miss Em will find a way to "control" him -
Mim, GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



♥ Robin ♥

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is amazing work for only 45 minutes work. I couldnt even come up with an idea in 45 mins much less do the drawing. You are on a roll. :)) Ncie he is helping you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is exciting that Ms EM is able to come forth in just 45 min. Best of luck on your comic journey. HAW.

Lynn said...

I love that Ms Em is so up with the cousins comic is called "Unemployed Man" and has wonderful side characters. Look it up on Amazon. His name is Erich Stonestreet but goes by different last name as author.
got this off facebook page: Unemployed Man and his sidekick Plan B appear in the graphic novel THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN -- now available for discounted advance orders wherever books are sold. Visit for more info.
PS: I love the dark exit in last panel.

marianne said...

This must be such fun exercises! And the result is stunning!
can you please send me an autograph while I still dare to ask.........
You are going to become famous, I know!


sukipoet said...

I agree w/all. Miss Em and her comic book self: very exciting and full of fun and energy and interesting ideas. I just love thinking of you in this class w/all these guys. forge onward

Baino said...

OH my it's coming along nicely. I love the innocent Miss Em making something rather mechanical and menacing. She'll be a cult hero in no time!

Michele said...

I can so relate to what Mis Em is feeling right now : )