Sunday, June 20, 2010

This was going to be a Zen type post

We had a gorgeous warm New England day yesterday, so DH and I went to the beach. As we got there, we could see that the tide was out and there was a bit of a sandbar - hence the gorgeous green water - it looked like the Mediterranean.

I had my tiny camera with me, and decided to take a few shots, crop them and just show one or two critically cropped photos, with a few words underneath to show the beauty of the day, the colors on the beach and the wonder of it all.

That was my plan. We had a lovely relaxing day at Race Point Beach in Provincetown - too cool to go swimming but lovely anyways. I was peaceful and calm.

Then I got home and found the new Cloth, Paper, Sissors and started reading and got excited about a new there goes the zen and I'm gonna show you my traveling art roll and a book I made following a video that Suki posted.

The book is made from hot pressed arches watercolor paper, you can see the instructions here (Suki's post again - but it links you to YouTube - for the whole series of instructions)

This book will be fun to use as a short art journal on my Italy trip next week. The instructions call for the pages to be painted, and I might paint one or two, but I like the clean white pages waiting for black ink.

The traveling sketch roll is fun. I took a length of cloth - probably 7 inches by 30 - as I wanted it longer than they suggested in the magazine. I colored the front of the fabric with neocolor crayons - which are crayons that are water soluable - and act like watercolors....sort of. I did designs all over the front of the fabric, and then put polymer medium all over the design. This kind of worked on the crayons a bit, but not so much that you can't see the design. I let it dry overnight.

This morning I cut different types of paper to fit inside the roll - maybe 6 inches high and varying lengths...and then stitched them in overlapping layers. I also attached a length of cord that I had to one end to act as a closure. At the other end, I improvised (clever person that I am). The instructions call for a length of metal to use as a way to roll the piece, but I made two little pockets - one holds a pencil and the other a watercolor brush with the reservoir to hold water.

Here you can see a bit more of the way the papers overlap.

It'll be interesting to use this roll. The papers that I used are probably too heavy for this application, they will hold the roll too much, but I will just flatten them out when I draw or paint. I might glue a map to the front page, and make it a journal - but I'll see about that. I am not a good journeler.

And finally - when I got my "Girlfriends" book last week, I also received one that is still in progress - KatieJane's book - so I worked on that yesterday and will send it off to Suki for her page. Everyone in Kates book did something about Believing - so I did also. Here is one side....

and the other....

Watercolor paper, acrylic paint, watersoluable crayons, gel medium.

Well, nothing zen about this post is there. So far it's been a busy weekend and the upcoming week will probably be busier. And I have to finish (start!) packing for Italy...get directions to the house, print out my itinerary and everything else that goes along with being away for 10 days. I have a long packing list - nothing light about my packing! You'd think I was going to be there for a month - but what the's not like the old days when everything had to fit into my backpack.

Have a happy Fathers day - we are off to NH to see the family before we all scatter for vacations.


sukipoet said...

Great post Mim. Loved the trip to the beach. Your two new journals are fabuloso! I like the idea of the rolling journal. Have a wonderful time in Italy. So exciting!!! And thanks for the link to my blog.

PAK ART said...

I love your creation (you clever girl!) and I'm most jealous of your trip to Italy! Can I come too? You certainly deserve some rest and relaxation!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like all of your creations. You have been so busy. I bet you feel like you need more Zen time. Have fun on your vacation. I can't wait to see all your impressions of Italy.

Marion said...

Have a very happy time in Italy! Imagine all the ideas for your creations you will return's so exciting! I will look forward to when you return and we get to hear your stories of your travels.

Lynn said...

Love that little traveling roll of a journal. Perhaps attach two clips to hold the pages flat for when you want to write or draw/paint in it. Love that you added the holders for pen and brush! So clever!

Like how the sun/flower pops off the page of KJs page!

Have a wonderful trip to Italy. Can't wait to see what inspiration you come back with from there. The art you will create. Can we know your itinary before you go? Bon Voyage!!!

Loved the comment about the backpack too. Hey, Rick Steves still travels with one. (yes and a truck with camera to follow him around that is I bet packed with all his EXTRAS!!!! LOL)

Robin said...

Mim, what a gorgeous weekend you had! This looks heavenly...I think I would have laid down on that sand and fallen asleep....

And Italia.... see, it is almost here! You will have a glorious time - (how could you not?).... definitely one of my favourite countries in the world to experience good food, good drink, great art and history - and (of course) fantastico shopping! (In case you don't pack "enough" and need to buy something.......Ha-ha!)

Ciao, Bella!

♥ Robin ♥

* Word verification: "hooho"...that about says it all!

Lori ann said...

I think you are an excellent journaler, and i hope you do fill up those pretty books in Italy. Great job making them, it's so much more special to make your own.
The ocean looks so beautiful there.
xo lori

kj said...

OH! mim and dh went to race point. i recognized it instantly

OH! mim is going on an fantastic trip!

OH! mim is creating a journal.

OH! kj has ideas

Katiejane said...

I saw that same article in the CPS magazine and thought that was a cute, creative project. It will be fun to see what you put in it. Lots of amazing art, I'm sure, if you are going to Europe.

I love my new page!! This is SO me! I can't wait to see this, and my whole book in person! Thanks, MIM!

P.S. Have a great trip!

Annie said...

Italy! You are always going some place wonderful. Have a great trip, what a beautiful travel sketch book you have made. Also thank you for the trip to the beach! xoxo

BT said...

Oh you are a steamroller of an artist! I wish I could have Cloth Paper Scissors but I don't think I can get it here. I love your roll for the holiday and hope you have a fantastic time.

The photos of the beach are gorgeous. Super un-zen post.

c jane said...

It sorta seemed like your trip to the beach inspired the looks of your books.

Just me?

Have fun in Italy!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I missed this post somehow. I was wondering when Italy was coming up. Looks like you are prepared to go. Fun project and great photos. have fun in Italy. My Dad was Italian. His parents came from Italy.