Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cityscapes and last sculpture class (plus other ramblings)

As usual, as I try to clean up my work space....I start finding a few things to fool around with. I had some canvases that had horrible attempts at painting on them, so I painted them black or sepia and scribbled with paint and marker. Took me only a short time, I felt like I had accomplished something and yes...I still have to clean up the studio.

I've been cleaning my basement studio because I got this great new set of flat files - actually NOT new, but old. Got them for $100.00 from an architectural firm and had to pick them up by myself. It wasn't too hard actually, and I love them. I've put all my paper and flat paintings and pads of paper in here. I realize that I shouldn't have to buy paper or pads for another 100 years...I'm all set!!!

I had my last sculpture class on Friday night. I actually ended up liking this class - mostly because the instructor was so open and friendly and sincere. I remember the first night where we walked around the museum and I was tired...I thought I'd hate the class. But everyone was so friendly and open...I learned so much and not only about power tools. I learned more about planning an art piece, and how to look at something from more than one angle and to read meaning into a piece. That last part was the hardest for me, but as I listened to people critiquing my work, I began to realize that yes..I did mean that, and yes...perhaps it shows. This last night was to be a pizza night and a final critique - so I didn't think I'd do much. But sitting around waiting is not my cup of tea, so I started fooling around with clay, and developed this little piece. Of course, there was all kinds of talk about closing off, and opening up, and fences and walls and for the first time I simply opened up to the discussion and listened with an open mind.

Everything held together while the clay was wet but as it dried, it began to fall apart. So yesterday - instead of cleaning - I began to put it together again with tiny dabs of glue. I'm going to let it dry for a few weeks and then tweek the glue, and make it steady. I've found that working with stone and wood and clay posts challenges for assembly.

On a final note - just to gossip some more - we've had guys in our yard since Wednesday cleaning up from the Halloween storm. While we didn't have any house damage, we had about 20 big trees that got so damaged that they became dangerous - and had to come down. Plus about 30 little ones that snapped, or looked like they'd snap at the next storm. They've had chippers going and chainsaws and rakes, and other motorized things. It's been noisy and I can't believe how much they've had to do. Plus, insurance doesn't pay for this since we didn't have house it's costing a pretty penny. Merry Christmas's a pile of wood!!

That's it. Have a lovely sunday.


~Babs said...

I am having flat file envy here. Those are fabulous.
Isn't it amazing how off track we can get when starting to clean/organize?
I just love the stone, wood and clay sculpture.It holds such primitive appeal, leaving lots of room for interpretation by the viewer.

Oh yes,,,we had to have tree work done here when we bought the place. Cheap it ain't,,,I feel your pain.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can't imagine having to pay for that much tree damage. I found out what it cost just for our one tree that came down in a storm. UGH... Love your clay/stone work. I like to hear people talk about works of art and what it means to them. Sometimes it is odd what they read into a piece. I wonder where they got that idea.

Lynn said...

I really like the feel of that first painting. Somehow I feel your personality in the creation of the windows. Now don't ask me what that means exactly. It is just something I feel when looking at it.

I see the art class is full of psychologists. LOL I wonder how much you hear is really more about the critic than the artist who made the piece? Only you know what those walls and fences you!

I like the piece. And I dare not say what it speaks to ME for fear I will be found out. ;-)

OHMYGOD ... knowing what I paid for ONE tree to be trimmed I cannot imagine what 20 would cost. I hope not 20 times that! Oy Vey!!!
Hope you have a fireplace, as this will be years worth of fire wood I'd imagine.
Maybe that's the make up in cost.

I love your flat wide drawers for paper and paintings. A real find! Lucky you!

sukipoet said...

have always wanted some flat files as i have lots of handmade papers which i now keep in large flat boxes that must rest well...flat so they sit on top of the bookcases.

love your sculptures. amazing. contemporary. sleek of line. startling.

didnt realize you had so much tree damage. zounds. trees are so beautiful but can be so damaging in a storm. be well, suki

Michele said...

I'm having flat file envy as well. Those would be perfect to keep Zoe's artwork organized. Right now it's all over my house. Hopefully the wood chipper has left your yard by now and things are once again peaceful : )

Lori ann said...

oh no, i remember that storm! we just had a terrific wind storm in california, it took part of our roof off. nature can be a force. thank goodness no one was hurt at either of our places.

kj said...

mim, that sculpture. OMG, i think it is fantastic. i love how your mind works (and hands).

you are fantastic.

dates. i need dates!


Snowbrush said...

Wow, that was some storm! I'm so sorry about your trees.

Mim, I wonder if there isn't some material more stable than clay that might hold together for you.

Katiejane said...

Gosh, lots to comment on here.
First, I'd like to see that painting in person. It looks interesting.
Second, isn't it fun to see where a new class will take you? Even when you don't think you will get anything out of one, you do! I love this little stone wall. Gee, I wonder where the inspiration for that came from. You only have about a zillion in your area!
Third, I know firsthand what you are dealing with regarding those trees. So sorry you are having to lose so many. Now, get cleaning that studio!

soulbrush said...

It's not the trees- it's this fantastic piece you made- I am in love- it just 'talks' to me on all levels- love it. Love you!