Monday, December 12, 2011

Hands in the Air

That's what I am doing. I am throwing up my hands in the air as I quietly give up trying to keep up. I've had two new projects at work this week.....and it's only Monday isn't it?

Why oh why did I promise to make a quilt for a friend who is having a new grandniece. Because I love her and she is a good friend? Probably...but really...what WAS I thinking. And then I picked a pattern that is somewhat complicated. During Christmas season. Really...what was I thinking? So making this quilt and getting it finished by this weekend is taking over my life. We don't usually do much about Christmas around this house - it's DH's holiday altho I like the season. But not having a tree or anything doesn't bother me at all. But there are obligations at work, and to the wonderful children in my life...and I've done virtually nothing.

So I figure if I walk around with my hands in the air - everyone will think I'm batty or have arm problems...and won't expect anything. No cards. No Animal Wednesday. No presents this week.

I like it- I think it's going to be an effective approach - do you agree?


kj said...

i agree a zillion percent! listen to ms em, mim. when things get to a most absurb level, the best thing to do is laugh and keep laughing, right? once the quilt is done, you'll be home free.

and you're doing photoshop? i want to hear every word and every detail. and what about adobe illustrator? i want that too.

i am glad for both of us that we are not bored. maybe overwhelmed, but not bored.

i love you mim. don't forget!


kj said...



marianne said...

Oh I completely understand!!!!!!
Only 14 days to Christmas and I haven't done much. Have been so busy with the house and direct after that I went on a nine day trip.
So... lets see how much I can do in 14 days I will surely be too late with many things.
I skipped the tree this year which is an enormous job always So yesterday I decorated the house with 5 little trees, so cute and got the whole job done in one day!
Yeah ready......
Lots on the agenda but I will wave my arms in the air just like you dear. Thanks for the reminder.
I will just try to enjoy everything what is there. And try not to get in the Xmas stress mode ;)

And yes what were you thinking when you promised that quilt!!!!???
Well I guess you probably listened to your heart when they asked you :)
How sweet of you!
Try to enjoy all between your busy work dear.

~Babs said...

I'm sure promising the quilt seemed like a good idea at the time,,,and then the time rolls around.
Been there.
Funny how it always rolls so much sooner than later.

I think it's a great approach, and it'll keep them guessing all through New Year's.

Lori ann said...

mim, i do love this idea. i am waving my arms too. or knitting, which is basically the same thing, ignoring the 'shoulds'...i've not shopped yet for one gift. and i guess i am starting to feel a bit panicked. or something.

is it possible to choose a simpler (quicker) pattern? i'm sure it'll be just as welcome, it'll be handmade by you!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is my busy week to so I can totally understand. Just don't worry about those decorations. It is what is in your heart that counts. Your heart is full of family and friends. Beautiful.

Marion said...

Busy week it is! Mine involves a six hour trip one way to see a specialist for Graham. I'll be getting completely overwhelmed when we return on Thursday, to an undecorated house and presents still to be wrapped. One step at a time! I'll only have three days before we head off the Island and the family for Christmas.

thank goodness for organized daughters!! xx

Annie said...

Mim, I was feeling this way a week ago, but then I decided it just was not worth it. Christmas is for fun not stress :-). Get done what you can and forget the rest. Happy quilting. xoxo

Robin said...

Christmas really should be about the love we feel for one another - and not so much abour cards or gifts....don't stress about cards, for the quilt - well, I know you well enough now to believe you will finish it!

Miss Em photoshopped! Woo-hoo! Now, that's a wonderful gift from you to all of us! She is headed for big things!!!

Deep breaths, dear friend....leave time at night for some quite moments with your DH...light some candles, make some cocoa...and reflect on your wonderful family and all your blogging family - you are very loved!


♥ Robin ♥

Teri C said...

I see Ms Em is doing the big time in PS. Whoohoo!

When this is all over you can take a deep breath and relax or maybe don't wait for it to be over, do it now.

Lynn said...

In my office life which I rarely talk about here I see tears and fears of clients who dread this holiday season for so many reasons from dysfunctional families to lack of funds etc etc etc. I tell them it's just one day and will be over before they know it.
I of course went crazy with gift making and loved every minute of it as I gave my self plenty of time to do it all in. I'm running out of steam now though and may or may not crank out a few more. But have definitely decided to skip cards this year. Last year I made them from fabric and paper and sent them round the world. That will have to last a few years. LOL
Not happening this year.
I had to finish a challenge quiltlet by end of this month and cranked it out late last month.
I guess staying ahead of the game is my motto. But my work is not overly stressful or demanding anymore for the most part. Maybe I am learning to chill more in my upper years! Let's hear it for tossing our hair and throwing are arms in the air!!!

sukipoet said...

way to go

Katiejane said...

I think everyone else has their hands in the air also, so maybe this will catch on and be a new holiday greeting! :) I often wonder why we put so much pressure on ourselves this time of year. Take a breath and take a moment. It shouldn't be this stressful.

Baino said...

I can't solve your quilt dilemma but illustration and photoshop were born to be together. I have a friend who does the most wonderful drawings then simply layers or colours in photoshop and 'voila' gorgeous art. Now stop blogging and get that thimble on.

Amish Stories said...

Happy holidays folks as I'm just visiting different blogs. Richard from Amish Stories