Friday, March 16, 2012

Art of the Week

I've had a most extraordinary week, very very stressful and unsettling for the most part, but with a good outcome.

My DH has been in the hospital all week, with a "-itis" brought on by a procedure that he had to have.  No gory details here but suffice it to say that I lost a nights sleep, have been driving back and forth to the city 45mins away,  have been worrying myself sick, but it's all coming out OK in the end.   DH is coming home tomorrow, with a new diet, a new approach to some of his meds, and hopefully a charmed future (from my mouth to gods' ears please).  I've had to cancel a trip to Florida with my BFF and my nephews, but they are going anyway and my mom is thrilled to be having them.

I spent a bit of time wandering the halls of this behemoth hospital and was amazed to find some very decent artwork hung on the walls in some places.  Sure, there were a lot of posters, and drab posters at that, but I also saw some good art work like this quilt below - a lovely work of hand dyed fabric for shells and with wonderful waves and sand images.

The Sea-Shell art quilt.

Opposite one of the elevators (SLOW elevators, lots of time to review art) was a watercolor dyptich of Boston Common - it was wonderful!  Detailed but loose, and sorry....I didn't copy the artists name.

A detail below

The watercolor below was so detailed it was amazing.  This is Rowes Wharf in Boston as seen from the water.  I loved it but just imagined the time it took to do all those windows! 

In the lobby were three paintings above mundane waiting room/lobby furniture.  These are almost too pastel colored but I thought they were beautiful and soothing. 

What I found amazing is that the hospitals approach to helping the "whole person" and appreciation for how artwork can help make you feel less institutionalized.   You never forget that you are in a hospital, but it helped both of us to discuss the paintings and look at technique and details.  Also interesting was the soothing subject matter and technique - I didn't see anything avant guarde or modern.  I also didn't have time to wander the multiple buildings looking for new artwork. 

Speaking of new artwork - I did this BIG painting last week in class.  The assignment was to paint big - the portrait below was about 3' by 5'.   My instructors were so helpful as to how far to go with the painting, and working from big loose brushes to smaller detailed ones.  The part I like the least is his upper lip - and the highlight there, it sort of looks like he has a milk mustache.  In the photo I copied, he had such a bright highlight there that I tried to capture it.   Anyway, painting big was fun, fun, fun. 

That's my art week report.  Crazy crazy week, good in the end which is all one can ask for right?


sukipoet said...

so glad DH is on the mend. Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital up here has some lovely original and non ordinary artwork on a few walls. I love art in hospitals.

I also love painting big. this is great. have a nice WE.

yoborobo said...

I'm so glad your DH is on the mend. That is very stressful. I always wonder why more doctors don't put interesting art in their waiting rooms (and those boring inner waiting rooms). I would rather look at art than a diagram of the human body. ANY ART - lol! Last test I had done, they had a poster of a tornado up on the wall, and I thanked them for having something different to look at. The tech said, "I got sick of looking at flowers and sunsets." lol! Hope you have a great weekend - xo

studio lolo said...

wow mim, what a week! so glad dh is okay.
I love your portrait! the eyes are quite intense. awesome!

sorry about fla :(

I loved the vibrant landscapes in the art from the hospital. city scenes do nothing for me but I can appreciate the work...and yes, those windows!

You stay healthy dear friend.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Some great Art works here. Our hopital has put up some pretty cool paintings by some well known Artists in our area too. Sure does make it a little less dreary. Sorry to hear about your Hubby. Glad its all coming out OK in the end. Florida will always be there. Take care of you too.

Robin said...

Spending any time in hospital is draining and unsettling. Thank goodness your wonderful DH is on the road to recovery. There will be another trip to Florida - in the meantime, bask in the smile of your guy...

I love all of the really interesting art work at your hospital.... scenic views, particularly ones with a lot of details in them can help one *lose oneself* when one is waiting and waiting, tired and stressed... a good assortment of art here.

Your painting is quite good.... like his expressive eyes... (and even his *milk moustache*....a-ha-ha...just kidding you, dear Mim)!

Prayers are continuing to be said here for you both... take lots of deep breaths,relax as much as you can....the two of you will soon be canoeing those gorgeous waters!

Love to both,

♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

How well I know the fears you held while he was being treated there. I would mark that as one of my worst life experiences. So hugs a thousand fold from me to both of you. One thing it did for us was strenghen our love even though it was already big it made it even bigger. Sorry you guys had to go through it though.

I bet the artist who painted all those windows did a lot of masking off.
And the quilt oh that caught my eye immediately! Wow.
Thanks for sharing all of it and so glad it was there for you to enjoy.

Bummer your planned trip got interrupted. Will make the next one perhaps all the more special.

Your painting is terrific. Can't imagine painting that BIG but you know when I read about it it makes me think????? LOL Lynn who loves a challenge!

Again, hugs and tell DH I said to follow all the new rules and STICK to them. No back sliding allowed...and a long healthy life ahead!

ArtistUnplugged said...

What a difficult time, so happy your hubby is better. Hospitals can bring about a myriad of feelings I think. Stress, worry, concern for loved ones then the relief that your loved one improves and counting blessings after seeing others in such strife. You really captured some beautiful art, I particularly like the last landscape painting. Hope the weekend is good for you all and good luck with all the changes and recovery. Oh yeah, what a huge portrait! Nice job!

Annie said...

Glad that your DH is okay!
I go more for modern and abstract, but I love your portrait, and I did not see the milk mustache until you mentioned it.
I hope you have a better week.

Teri Casper said...

So happy DH is on the mend. You had some beautiful art work to make the stay much better.

YOUR guy is WONDERFULLY done!!!!!

HSPD to you also.

Lori ann said...

yikes mim, that is scary. i'm glad things are better now and you and the mr. are back home with your own art. xxx lori

marianne said...

What an awful week you had :(
But happy for the highlights and that all ended well with your DH!
Your portrait is very good I looked at it before I read about the lip and my attentions was drawn to the eyes! It is a very good portrait I think. people are difficult to paint I think......
But you did a great job!
Hope all will be quiet from now on........ maybe ......... keeping my fingers crossed

have a nice Sunday♥

Katiejane said...

Oh, my. I'm sorry your hubby (and you) have had such a horrible week. And I'm charmed that you took the time to study the art on the walls. It is all pretty amazing and really nice that the hospital is kind enough to put real (not mass produced) art in their halls.
I think your fellow here is outstanding! You are really progressing. You go, girl!

kj said...

hug hug kiss kiss tsup tsup

ps i love that you took pictures of all this art.

Amanda said...


sending healing wishes for your husband's complete recovery. i agree that having artwork in hospitals is an important healing aid - the ancient greeks knew all about this when they incorporated theater into their ancient healing sites.

p.s. i never noticed the 'milk mustache' in your painting - to me it blends seamlessly into the image overall - a powerful portrait!

~Babs said...

So glad things are going better for your hubby and you. Most scarey time,,,been there! Be sure and rest yourself.

I love those landscapes,,so soft, quiet, but with glorious bright color.

Outstanding job on that portrait, outstanding! And at that size even more impressive!

Have a quiet, restfull week,,,if at all possible.I'm sure you've been worn out.

Bhavna said...

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soulbrush said...

wish the hospitals here had art in them- sigh no such thing.
wjat an awful time you and DH had, hope all is fine now, or soon will be. lotsa cyber roses and chicken soup for you both!