Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Animal Wednesday - Just been feeling slow....

Hi there friends.   I haven't posted.  I've forgotten my Animal Wednesday for weeks now.  I/we are slowly coming back up for air from that dreadful health scare a few weeks ago, which was followed by another - possibly unrelated issue which necessitated a trip to the ER late last week.  Up until that point I was feeling rather giddy and free, but that has left me - to the point of worn out and tired and rather scared.

And what do I usually do when feeling out of control?  I find something to organize!  Which is why I found myself on Saturday morning with every bit of clothing in my closet on the bed, and having a rollicking good time sorting thru it all.  What have I worn this year? What haven't I worn?  Does that fit? Two giant bags are going to Goodwill, mostly very gently used stuff. I still have too much but it's getting more under control.   It felt good to work on something that I had control over, and could see tangible results at the end.

I am treating myself to a Florida trip this weekend, to bask in the sun, play with Scruffy and see mom...not necessarily in that order.  I've scheduled a massage and facial and will go to my favorite street fair on Saturday morning.  I'll stop by my Favorite knitting store.  I am hoping for a recovery weekend, and next weekend is Passover and I'm going to my Grandma's old house, which now belongs to a cousin, for a weekend by the beach.  The thought is soothing.

Be well. 


Call Me Cate said...

I've thought of you and the absence of posts. I'm sorry you're feeling spent. I hope the trip to Florida will leave you feeling restored and at peace.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mim, so glad to see you here. I am sorry to hear you are having such trials and tribulations. Your weekend with Scruffy and Mom sound like just the right medicine. Big hugs and HAW.

Teri Casper said...

Oh gosh, life has been tough and I am happy tonhear you are coming for some well deserved and needed TLC.
Relax and enjoy.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh Mim.. so sorry about the second scare. I appreaciate your comment even more now. I am sitting here itching like crazy and trying on to scratch. Up till now I was feeling like I was in the best of health then this after my last health crisis, it does kind of leave you scared a bit. Glad to hear you are going to get away from things for awhile. HAW

~Babs said...

Don't like that second scare part.
I'm sure neither of you did either though.
Fear is not a fun place to live, and I know you know that.
Sounds like you have some great R&R plans. A massage and facial is defintely part of doctors orders. I'm pretty sure I also heard him order a pedicure.
Be sure to take us some photos of the street fair, ok?
And rest, rest, rest!

marianne said...

Mim, two health scares in a row are just too much!
I am sorry for you, but good you planned a trip with family and furrfriend The sunshine will also do you good.
Clearing stuff always does me good too :)
Well dear I hop you recover soon and that you and your DH will be OK from now on!

sukipoet said...

Health scares leave us feeling confused and vulnerable. I like the things you are doing to rebalance yourself. Sorting and organizing, all in your control. And taking a trip to FLA with lovely things planned. Blessings to you and DH

studio lolo said...

Jeez Mim, I had no idea you were having such a hard time. I think basking in the sun and all the other things on your list sounds like a good plan.

Did you ever get my calendar? I hope so :)

Now you make me want to go through my closet! It really needs it.

Big hugs to you and DH. I hope everything stays okay now.

Have a wonderful "MIM" vacation!


Robin said...

As you can see from all of the comments above, our fearless *AW Leader* (that's YOU) was sorely missed. I pray that life will calm down for you need the warmth of Florida...the soft fur of Scruffy to pet....being able to hug your WONDERFUL Mum....time with family....and..that facial/massage...and..oh yes....a Pedicure! Choose a VIVID Coral or Hot Pink!

Please try and relax....deep breaths as you unwind from that coil of stress.

Sending you MANY, MANY hugs and much LOVE!


♥ Robin ♥

kj said...

Xoxoxoxo to you' Mim always

The sun always rises, even after storms . And often just before spa days and pedicures


Lynn said...

I pray the health scares are behind you now...No more, enough, too much...that would be more than enough to make anyone feel totally out of control. I hear you!!!!

YES! Go do fun things; relax, rest, rejuvenate. I hope DH gets to do some of the same that pleases his self too.

I too have a bag of very worn clothes in the trunk of my car awaiting it's stop at the thrift store drop off. My remaining clothes now have a bit more breathing room. I am sure there are still more I could let go of.
I find I rarely clothes shop anymore.

Again, have fun and I hope you'll take Passover photos, I'd love to see your grandmother's house. Happy Passover!!!

Baino said...

So sorry to hear about DG Mim, hope he's making a recovery and the stress levels are sinking. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I haven't had a facial for years! Relax and recoup...does one say "Happy Passover"? Anyway, take it easy.

yoborobo said...

Getting away and sitting in the sunshine with family sounds like just the ticket. I hope you feel better soon! xox

Katiejane said...

I was wondering what happened to you! I'm glad to know that all is better with your hubby. Probably it is good for you to get away for a while. Can I come along? I fold up really small and can go in the overhead storage. Have fun

kj said...

mim, take me to florida someday. will you mind if i talk the whole time?


soulbrush said...

Sorry to hear you had another awful scare. Life can he hellish sometimes, can't it?
I am sure time away will definitely help and lots of decluttering too. Hugs xxx

Lori ann said...

ah dear mim, i do the same thing, how is it organizing can be so calming? and trips to the knitting store? (we know the answer to that one) :)
your there right now, and i hope breathing deeply and enjoying. hug your mom for me. xxx lori

Snowbrush said...

Oh, goodness, Mim, I hope your Florida trip helps you in body and spirit.