Thursday, July 26, 2012


I need a change BADLY!  I watched this and have been juicing and only eating veggies for 3 days now.  I love it so's so easy. No cooking, summer smoothies and I'm getting lots of veggies and vitamins and all that good stuff.

It wouldn't keep me away from a lovely lobster roll...but it's OK during the week and if a few LBS come off - even better.

That's all I got right now.  What a HOT summer!!!


Lynn said...

Where is the protien coming from?
How long will you do this?

Not overly hot where I am.


kj said...

did i hear lobster roll?

sister: consider it done!


sukipoet said...

good for you for trying something new. I still remember that great lobster roll at KJ's last year, was it last year? Good luck.

Annie said...

I should be doing this. Good luck!

~Babs said...

Don't think I could,,,but yaaaa for you!

Amanda said...

life is about compromise, so treat yourself to that lobster roll between juice sessions.

but i get what you're saying - we're heading into another week of 100 and you just don't feel like eating as you would normally - something about excess heat must mess with appestat.

wishing you a cool spell your way!