Friday, November 23, 2012

No Good Deed goes unpunished.

Happy thanksgiving all!  My Thanksgiving was very different than I had planned.

My plan was to go to Florida and go to a party with mom, visit her friend on the east coast, drive back to Sarasota and hang out - just us two girls, no pesky men bothering us.  It started out great, I got to the party a bit late but saw people, visited with her friend, drove back home. We had a good day on Monday, got her ear things adjusted so she can hear better, did some Christmas shopping and went to the movies (Argo, I really liked it - brought back the memories of that time)

The next day we did some banking in the morning, and then stopped at home to use the bathroom - and mom suddenly got an awful stomach ache, and was so tired she had to go to bed.  I let her sleep, did a few things and came home to a sick mom, with a high fever and - to put it nicely -  digestive problems.  Poor thing was throwing up and on the pot - which was plugged up by this time - and totally miserable.  Got her cleaned up and got the pot unplugged, and did laundry and washed the sink and fed her cold water and aspirin.   Oh well, there went our day together, and the next day also. But I was a good daughter, I took good care of her, and she rallied very quickly.   She was sitting up by the next day (wednesday) and feeling much better.

Since she was better, I followed my original plan to go home early Thursday morning and have thanksgiving at home. I'd shopped before I left, DH picked me up at the airport and things looked good.  He went out for a walk when I got home and I suddenly got very cold, and decided to take a nap and yes....boom!  it hit me!  I was sick as a dog, high fever everything.  No thanksgiving turkey for this gal! DH ended up eating turkey meatballs that I had made. I ate nothing.

But I am counting my blessings.
1) I didn't get sick on the plane - how awful would that have been!
2) my almost 90 year old mom was able to shake off a stomach bug so quickly, she went out with family for Thanksgiving dinner
3) I'm thankful that I have a machine that cleans carpets cause I needed it here today
4) I'm thankful that I didn't have huge plans with friends for the holiday cause I would have had to cancel.
5) I'm thankful for my DH making me toast with jam when I got hungry.

All I can say is Happy Thanksgiving to you all - I hope everyone had a great celebration - despite this crazy week, I feel very blessed.


Lynn Cohen said...

Well bummer! So sorry mom and you got that nasty bug., glad she rallied so quickly, hope YOU will too.
Good you got some fun time in before it it. Sounded rough. Glad DH was theret o. Care for you, hope he doesn't get it next!

Be gentle with your self.
Hugs from me....

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog post. I am bummed about this whole out of space issue and not sure what to do about it yet, but just the fact you were sick and commented means a lot to me. Thanks.. :)) and what a bummer getting so sick...hope you rally back to health as fast as your Mom did. So glad you got home before it hit.

sukipoet said...

oh dear, poor you and your mom. that bug has been going around everywhere. a friend in Ohio had it too.

lucky for your mom you were there to take care of her and ditto lucky you to have your DH

be well, suki

sukipoet said...

ps cute title to the post

Robin said...

Ah, Mim..... all the time you were gone, I was thinking of you basking in the sun, sharing walks with Scruffy and your Mum...slowing down to relax.... YIKES! Thank goodness your AMAZING Mum rallies so quickly! She is a wonder! As Cris and Lynn said, I hope thatby the time you read this, you are well too.....and that your DH did not catch it.

I hope the Winter will be mild....all my friends in the NE deserve a gentle December, January, February etc.

I'm always happy when you share my Opera *Adventures* with your Mum!

Love to you and your *toast n' jam* making DH! He's the best!

♥ Robin ♥

Snowbrush said...

You didn't say what you had, but I would bet that something you ate at the party did you both in. Do you know if others got sick?

soulbrush said...

so sorry mim, but so happy you have your mom and she was fine and you will be fine and all's well that ends well. whew.