Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Animal Wednesday - Birdie

When I was in Florida and mom was laying in bed moaning about being sick, and generally sleeping, I had time to do a watercolor.  Mom had tons of calenders around because she loves the animal or nature pictures.  I picked one and tried it. Mom loved it so much that I left it with her, propped up where she could see if from her bed.

I had to take a picture with my cell phone, her scanner is goofy and wouldn't work for me.

I had trouble with the background, and will ask my watercolor teacher about that and oh yeah, his tail feathers are a bit crooked but we figure he was moving or something when the pic was taken or else maybe it was me putting them in a bit odd.

Glad mom liked the painting, it was fun to do.


Anonymous said...

well I think he's beautiful, hope your mum is feeling better, you did ab beautiful job of this bird,

kj said...

oh my my my. what a tweet.

you amaze me, mim. amaze amaze me!


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

An Artist is an Artist no matter what it going on. Well done. I have moved to a new blog address. I hope you will follow me there. Just click on my link here or go to my old blog.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think this looks good. You should do some more watercolors. Lucky Mom gets to keep it.

Teri Casper said...

Looks great Mim. Love those birds.

sukipoet said...

very sweet.

Lynn Cohen said...

Looks beautiful to me in all ways. I like the different shades in the background! The bird and tree are so pretty and well done! Bravo!

I too hope mom is all better by now and you too. Hope DH didn't get it.

marianne said...

Beautiful bird dear . Not your usual subject but eh you are good at this too! It is fun to try other things.
have a wonderful weekend HAW (late)