Thursday, December 27, 2012

Year End Clean out

Every year right after Christmas, we get in the mood to have a blast of a clean out.  Maybe it's the extra stuff coming into the house, albeit we mostly exchange books and promises for nights out and small items.  Maybe it's something about a new year and sweeping clean - who knows.

We had a lovely Christmas day with our wonderful nephews and family - and I worked on Monday and Wednesday, so it was by necessity an early night.  Tuesday night we started discussing my studio and how to rearrange and streamline that and came up with a few good ideas. Of course, I popped right onto the idea, which also involves moving my desktop computer to the downstairs so that I can do computer art work right in the same space.  And..I didn't want to spend any money rearranging and streamlining.

The first step is a difficult one - and that's to decide who you are as an artist. (as a person also I guess).  I've tried just about every type of medium, and know what works for me and what doesn't.  So, I started purging.  Tons of stuff to goodwill, things that I worked with when I started this art journey - was it only 5 years ago? I'm not a mixed media artist - I'm just not. I admire people who can do layers, and add embellishments but my stuff always looks amateurish, so I'm giving it all up.  Off to a Goodwill store that loves crafty stuff.  Most all of my stamps to be given away, and inks, and pictures. I'm focusing on comics and watercolors for now. I didn't give away pastels, or acrylics cause those might come in handy. Two giant bags to goodwill, and more to give to a friend who might want them.   Tons of rearranging my studio and no money spent.  It also took me 2 days to do it all, and there were a few  moments of despair when everything was out of the cupboards and chaos reigned.  But it all got sorted out.

I love doing this type of cleaning, it's more of a cleansing really.  A new year ahead, new challenges, new ideas.  I have some new goals, and am looking forward to new classes in art.

I wish everyone a wonderful new year, with hope and peace for the world.  I am still praying for those poor families in Newtown - I can't imagine what Christmas was like for them this year.

Happy New Year to you all!!



studio lolo said...

Wow Mim. I need to do that very same thing but fear holds me back.

I will purge this year, I will!

You have always been such a source of inspiration to me. You try everything and you do well at it all. I received my sweet gift today which proves I'm right. The thing is, you're not comfortable or joyous with every medium and so you need to choose. Me too.

Thanks for the gift, and your friendship too! You will always continue to inspire me.

Happy New 2013 Mim. I wish the best for you, always!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are an inspiration. My studio could do with a good purging. Will I do it should be the question. ha.. we will see. Happy New Year. I can't wait to see what develops in your new space.

kj said...

You are also an inspiration to me and not just as an artist. Your character and kindness and earnestness mean so much to me, Mim. I can't imagine not knowing you. My only complaint is I wish you lived next door :-)

I love hearing about your evolution in art. I think you're making two super choices via comics and watercolors. I'll bet simplifying that is going to open some great space for you

Love love

Mim said...

thanks ladies, smooches to you all

PAK ART said...

I too have been down this path. About three years ago I decided that I needed to concentrate on those things I enjoy the most and do the best. I picked watercolor (although I want to add oils or acrylics I think) papercutting and drawing and writing. I let go of stamps, scrimshaw (which I never was good at) sculpting, beading and many more endeavors. I enjoy it all, but it had become toooooo much. And mostly just left me feeling guilty that I had all this stuff I didn't use.

sukipoet said...

this is so exciting. i love how you came to focus on what you really want to do artwise.

i too have supplies that i got to experiement in different media. such as expensive encaustic wax. I have all my papermaking supplies and havent do that for years. so hard to ditch them as i keep saying what if i want to return to this form.

have a lovely new year and a lovely new year. ha. love, suki

Lynn Cohen said...

Okay, my excuse for STILL having all those boxes, cupboards, drawers of stuff in the house and the maybe the grand kids will use them for their art making! LOL Even though right now we ALL seem to be into drawing.

I still hold on to way too much fabric in bins in the garage; but I do use SOME of it, as I still make small art quilts (this year every two months with Art Quilts Around the World group/blog); so I can't get rid of that, never mind I have enough fabric for a world full of art quilters, most of it gleaned at garage sales and thrift stores.

Oh it's too much to think about. In the mean time I continue to fill art journals, and use pens I keep replacing with new; both items bought NEW...and paint...mostly NEW too. So my new art form is more expensive; but easy to tote around. And really doesn't take up too much room. (Two baskets and table tops filled with full art journals and new ones yet to be filled.)

Oh my, did you really need to know all this? YOU got me, I'm keeping mine for now. But glad you feel cleansed and free having given your extra stuff away.

I'll write to you about what came in my mail box today. Oh my goodness. ;-)))))))))