Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Cards - with an update

I'm determined to enjoy every tiny bit of this holiday month - despite snow and cold weather.  To start off I wanted to make a Christmas card - having already made and sent out my Chanukah cards.   I worked on the card last night and then took both of my Chanukah drawings and the Christmas one to post here.   Before I wax philosophical - here are the drawings.

The first one is small - only 8 x 10 and I love it and have used it for my Chanukah cards.

This second one is a variation on the theme, but is larger - maybe 18x24 - I have to photograph it - can't use my scanner so the picture isn't as good.  I like it, but I'm fonder of the first one.

Yesterday I did this one for a Christmas card - trying to get the 12 days of Christmas onto one 15 x 10 sheet of paper.  I like parts of it but it's too busy, and the layout is not what I'm comfortable with.

I'd be interested in opinions! I think you can embiggen them.  When I put them all side by side last night I immediately saw that my interpretation of Christmas is rather hectic and jumbled, and my interpretation of Chanukah is calmer and less hectic.  Do you agree?  It could also be that 12 days is a lot to get on one sheet of paper, perhaps if I'd used a larger sheet I could have had a smoother layout.

I do like the French hens on day 3, and am fond of the pipers boots.

Anyway - Happy Month of December!

Update:  I redid the Busy Christmas one today - it made me nervous - so here is the update - still a Work in Progress but I like it better - you?


Mim said...

Mim, I cannot get this comment to post on your blog! Would you kindly copy paste
it for me? xoxo

I would be over the moon to receive this Christmas card and I would carry it
around and show it to everyone I encountered. Them I would hang it on my front
door in a prominent place with all my other cards and I would beckon everyone
who arrived at my house to go look at my card from you

And, if I were Jewish I would do exactly the same thing in the same very excited
very proud manner

Oh, you wanted feedback? Well, the Christmas card has more room at the left side
beginning and a little cramp at the right side end. But that is so tiny a matter

I hope you are part of my holiday plans, ms Mim. Sooner or later.... :-)


marianne said...

I love them all 3 but I like the 2 Chanukah cards the best. Can't tell exactly why I love the colors of the second one and the simplicity of the first. And the third has a lot going on and is fun to look at and to discover something new each time.
12 days......doesn't ring a bell to me but I guess it must be something biblical.
I have been working on a card and a Christmas mandala too. I am enjoying my holiday and the fact I have time to decorate and that I have time to enjoy all those lights.
Enjoy the Holidays Mim♥

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Both your Chanukah cards are wonderful! I'm drawn to the color but the first one has a special charm too! Lively Christmas card too...I like the french hen as well...great pear!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Christmas does seem more hectic. UGH. I don't want my DB to see these cute cards. He will nag me to make one for us to send. His Uncle does this every year. Good job. I like the "oo la la". tee hee...

sukipoet said...

love all three. christmas is, as someone said, hectic so maybe you are reflecting that in yr card. I do think i like the calm of the first two best. lovely cards.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

The message comes through loud and clear in all three. I like the middle one best-but I'm all about color! These are lovely and sweet, and anyone who received one of them would treasure it.

marianne said...

Ohhhhhh much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now it has the same qualities as the 2 Chanukahs! You did it!

Amanda said...

personally i love the second one of the menorah with the little one holding the pail of oil - the colors are so vibrant - wondering if you ever considered fashioning a menorah like this out of clay and firing it??

Robin said...

Late - again! TOo many storms, too much Opera... a-ha-ha!

I love both the Menorah Ones... it's a toss-up as to which you should use...although the colourful one represents the (Festival of Lights) with such joy!

The *12 Days* re-done is wonderful! You improved on #7 - the Swan! He now looks like a Swan with the black around his beak! (Hey, I should know - having spent 8 months photographing them! A-ha-ha!) Adore the *other days*...those Piper's Boots are GREAT!!!!!

Beautiful work - ALL of them!


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Mim, I love them all, but my favorite is the top and bottom ones. Happy December! xoxo

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