Monday, May 27, 2013

Starting to build my portfolio

I've heard that book publishers may want to see a portfolio so I am taking different stories, identifying key scenes and drawing them out.

I had so much trouble scanning my thick 300lb watercolor paper last time, that I decided to see if I could get a cleaner scan by using Hot Pressed paper, which is smooth to the touch - not bumpy.   So far...I hate it!  It's good to draw on, but the watercolor seems to sit on the top of the paper.  I may try acrylics on this paper - and recommendations from the peanut gallery?

Here is a lousy photo of the new piece.  Since I took this picture, I've managed to paint his shirt blue - and had to use 3 coats.   We'll see...I might just go back to the regular paper.

All comments happily received!!!


Lynn Cohen said...

First of all very charming drawing!
When I did my book I scanned the drawings and then photoshop was used (i had help with this part) to clean up the backgrounds of many of the drawings, as the scanner gave them a gray tinge. I draw on 120 lb paper now, but most of the book drawings were done on 140 lb paper. I hope this info is helpful.

kj said...

definitely a very charming drawing!

fun to see lynn's advice: how much we help and inspire one another!

keep it up, mim. you have company on this journey!!!


Teri Casper said...

Sweet sketch. Too bad about the paper but you will overcome it with persistance. Best of luck on this great goal.

soulbrush said...

Can't help as I use acrylic paper not watercolour. Have you looked it up on 'google'? It is my complete encyclopaedia these days and has everything. Also on 'you tube' they have so many wonderful videos out there now. You go gal.

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Love the drawing. I talked to a watercolorist last year at an art show and he said he would use different papers.. hot and cold pressed papers for different reasons. I wish I could remember which ones and why. but one would make crisp marks for black and white and scan better and the other he would because it took watercolor better. Lynns use of Photoshop is a good way of doing it to. Hers came out great. Have fun with it all.

About the blog said...

Great drawing! Gouache is wonderful on hot pressed WC paper as are colored pencils. Gouache can be treated much like watercolors in thin washes or thicker for smooth solid areas of colors with no brushstrokes showing. The paints are also re-wettable so if you have a dried lump on your palette just add water and voila - live paint. Very under-rated medium.
I loved Dad Makes a Pizza too. Can't wait to see more.

About the blog said...

One more thought - try photographing the drawing rather than scanning and then making it perfect in Photoshop.

sukipoet said...

i love it that you are working up a portfolio. your work is totally original. striking. i dont know about the papers really. so no help there. good luck.