Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Early Morning

I've started my early morning walks again, actually started about a month ago.  I adore early morning, watching the sun rise, and seeing fog on the water.  But even recently, it's been cold in the morning - two days ago I was walking in 35 degree weather.

Today it's a balmy 50, with haze and some clouds.  Perfect for a walk, where the trees are still thinking about budding out, and there are daffodils peaking thru the grass.  I was walking along a river, turned a corner and came upon this beautiful wild apple tree.

The message I got from this lovely blooming tree was "yes, it's been a hard winter, but now it's over and I'm just going to keep on doing my job...blooming and making fruit. Next year the winter might be milder, or it might be harder and I'll still bloom beautifully and make some fruit".

Frankly - it was a lovely way to start the day. The right message at the right time.  Excuse me while I go make some applesauce.


sukipoet said...

early morning is wonderful. and there have been a lot of 30 degree mornings up here too. Beautiful tree!! Somehow this spring seems more beauitful to me than any other. Maybe the warm afternoons are bringing all the new blossoms out at once rather than in bits and pieces. also the warmth is so summer like. i think spring is my new favorite season.

Robin said...

Absolutely lovely to see you posting - and walking! This is so healthy for mind and body! Wonderful photos....the Dawn, the River...the Apple Tree....all magnificent!

I am happy both you and Suki are enjoying the *late* - but oh-so gorgeous Spring! It was worth the wait!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn Cohen said...

Wonderful habit you've got going there. So glad you ran into the blooming apple tree to remind you that life springs eternal ! Happy walking!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Doesn't it feel good to get out like that in the morning. I love early morning walks. We do that too. The apple trees are gorgeous. Enjoy this spring weather.

Teri Casper said...

I just got back from my early am walk and am now sitting in the sunroom looking at the gray morning and it's still beautiful!
Love the things you see on your walk.

kj said...

This makes me smile a mile wide


Snowbrush said...

Whoa, that lake LOOKS cold, but your trees look much as ours do here where the temps are 20-degrees (and more) above normal.

Amanda said...

That tree is sending a beautiful message. It is chilly here today where I am, but I know searing heat will follow soon enough, so am enjoying the cool as much as possible.

Making applesauce? Your creativity knows no bounds!!

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

How did I miss this post? Happy you are back to your morning walks you so like. Looks lovely. I step out of bed and hit the kitchen.. lol I am not awake until I eat and have my tea. We should go walking with Annie. hmmm need to think about that seriously. :)