Sunday, July 7, 2013

Last day of a little Stay-cation

My husband wasn't feeling too well last week - tummy bug - so we had no plans for the weekend...and it worked out wonderfully.  I caught up on sleep, and reading, and some gardening.  It was way too hot to do much outside - yesterday we went out and drove to the top of a local "mountain" to get some fresh air - hoping for a breeze.  Not much up there but great views and hot air that was moving about a bit. 

Can't you just see the waves of heat? We talked a lot about how to paint a scene like this - DH sees things that I do not, but it was good. 

Today you could feel the heat breaking, but it was still a scorcher - so guess what we did - yes, some local kayaking.  We're lucky enough to have this river just 5 minutes away - it's not where we usually go, but it's still a lovely ride. 

The fish were literally jumping out of the water today - maybe it was even too hot for them.  But for me it was gorgeous, and as usual, relaxing, peaceful and quiet. Redwings singing, dragonflies hovering.  Perfect. 

I hope you all had a wonderful peaceful happy weekend.  


kj said...

Someday I would like to kayak with you . Would dh and the waterlily girls mind? I know a dragon fly that would serve us lunch :-)

So glad to hear about rest!!


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Nothing wrong with a little stay-cation and puttering around the house. I think that is more restful then going away somewhere.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This sounds like a perfect weekend for a lady that is busy busy. You will be fired up and ready for the work week. Your first photo reminds me of the song 'crazy hazy days of summer'. We have been having lots of those lately. Summer has descended upon our area too.

Pamela Smallcomb said...

So that's what I've been having! A Stay-cation! I love the pic of the two kayaks, ready to go. And it's been very hot and steamy here. A couple degrees cooler would be nice, but I swore I would not complain about the weather this summer, since I complained all winter. :) xo

Robin said...

Every picture is an *ahhhhh*... yes, I do see the rising bands of looks gorgeous to me as I didn't have enough of it while I was in Santa Fe!

The two Kayaks is so symbolic of you rand your least to me...

As for the other photos...every time I see a lake...I imagine what the *Water Lily Girls* are doing below...

My 4th of July Week was busy as we ended our SF Opera Summer my time will be my own for 6 weeks!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn Cohen said...

I missed a week of 106 degree weather by getting away to Oregon last week! My ittle veggie plants died! Nice neighbor tried to save them, unsuccessfully ! But being home now is pleasant enough, temps down. Your photos are all beauties. Glad you found solace on the waters. I love the kyacts too!