Thursday, July 4, 2013

More Doodling

I'm taking a hint from Teri C and others - not to worry about what to draw...but just to do it.  I have a pad of hot pressed watercolor paper that I want to use up - and I'm starting to get used to the oddness of the surface.  These are a few of the latest.

Odd but fun

The last one is a section of my garden, where I hung solar lanterns.  They are SO cute, glowing lightly during the night - like little suns - not enough to read by but fun anyways. 

Happy 4th to everyone!!


sukipoet said...

great you are drawing and just catching whatever comes to you with your unique style.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love your style of drawing. I need to do this too.

Pamela Smallcomb said...

Mim, you have such a lovely line in your drawings. I love that last one with the little lanterns. Wonderful combination of whimsy and color. Hope you're having a fabulous summer...and I am a big fan of solar garden lights, too! :) xo

Annie Coe said...

Mim, These are wonderful. Drawing is so fun, I try to do it daily.
Odd is good :-). xoxo

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

what fun little pieces of Art.. are they book marks? They would be wonderful ones.

kj said...

where is my comment?! it's a good thing i came back here to look again. mim, you can really truly draw. i think you've learned and worked at 'art' more than everyone i know---better and better, mim.

love love

marianne said...

I always love to see your doodles ;) and watercolors

soulbrush said...

You are so talented with the doodles. I can't do this sort of thing- no I can't. Love them all- just keep on doing them- they are marvellous.

Robin said...

You are my favourite all-around Artiste... so talented in so many genres...any time I see a *Mim-fish*, I am happy! The Lantern one is especially magical.....but I adore them all!

Come West for our *Summer-air conditioning*! A-ha-ha!


♥ Robin ♥