Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mom's Day

I am not a mom but have been blessed with a myriad of nieces and nephews and godchildren who are the light of my life. I get the fun (and worry) of kids - minus some of the fighting, and with alot of Joy. Two of my closest nephews, twins - have lived within 10 minutes of my house until the last year when they moved about 1 hour away. I don't see them as much as I used to, but they are teenagers now and are starting to want to be with their own friends on Friday nights anyway. Yesterday, we went bike riding with these wonderful kids and had a sleepover. I am just so lucky! Teenagers who want to hang with their aunt! How good can it get? Above is a picture of them with Uncle Tony.

I have been reading alot today about being a mom, losing your own identity, loving being a mom and more. But being a childless aunt has incredible and wonderful responsibilites also. I helped raise these kids and are as proud of their accomplishments as any proud mama. I worry about them if they seem insecure, or if they've been hurt (physically or mentally). I want to be there for them whenever they need me, but also am SO proud when I see them tramp off on their own - trying their wings but knowing that they have such a secure base to fall back on. I can't imagine a life without them and like any mom - can't believe the amount of love that one can feel for children and how deep that well of love is. And now I know ( and have for 14 years) that asking the question: who do you love more? is just rediculous and silly. How could I love one more than the other. I love them the same and also differently. I love them for who they are, the different interests that they have, their differnet ways of communication. It goes on and on.

Enough for now - it's time to wake them up so that we can take them home (to my BEST FRIENDS HOUSE) for Mother's Day!

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