Thursday, May 3, 2007

scribbler - fun

Try this, I found out about it here- it's so much fun! Tried to show an example but couldn't get it to save as a .jpg - oh well, try it anyway.


Catherine said...

Hi there, Mim Stella! This is how I got a copy: I have a Mac, and when I was happy with my scribbler, I press these keys, shift apple 3 then I hear a camera shutter sound and the computer has taken a photo of my desktop. I take the picture (which is a pdf on a Mac)into Photoshop or any other photo software that has a "cropping" function tool and crop to the size I want. My cropped scribblers can then be saved and are usually a little smaller than 7x7 inches, since I like the square frame around mine. If you have a PC, find out how to take a snapshot of your desktop.

Auntie Mim said...

Thanks for the instructions - I have a PC so life is tougher! Gotta get back to the Mac!