Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Word Saturday with pictures

More organized or just hidden away?

As I clean - especially when working off nervous energy, I have to ask myself if I am organizing smartly, or am I just trying to hide things from myself so that I feel like I am in control. This time I tried to work with a purpose, so as not to have to redo anything. Most items were put into the appropriate place, excess is going to goodwill and I do feel a bit more organized.

Here is the before picture of my basement art shelves. Accessible but overwhelming to look at.
DH made me a top for the shelves (you can't see it but before it was just old cardboard boxes and some masonite sheets) It fit perfectly and we painted it to match the walls.

Here is the after picture. I got this fabric on sale for $2.00/yard when Hancock was going out of business - and I bought 8 yards and knew I'd find a use for it. It took me all of about 1 hour to make these curtains, they are velcro'd onto the plastic shelving.
Once we get the ceiling covered it will be even better. The open ceiling is prone to collecting dust - which makes me sneeze and then I snore in bed. One of my problems is that I feel obliged to recycle all the left over bits and pieces that I have in the house. My preference would have been to get totally new shelving - nice clean white with glass doors. But that cost money so I did with the plastic garage style shelving - which is functional but ugly. Everything behind the curtains is functional, nothing inspirational at all, so I'm not shortcutting the creative process. Last but not least is the pile going to Goodwill! The dog pillow is not going - love that bulldog and it took me years to finish it. But computer bags and regular bags and some crafty supplies - all OUT of this house.

I am working on another mirror frame - it's a bit more deliberate than the first one, but coming along nicely.
The sides are painted and will be decorated with dots/stripes. When it's done we'll decide which one to keep and which one to give away.

I started a new collage - here is the base. Layers of old newspaper, then stamped dress pattern fabric with items placed on top. I'm hoping for inspiration on this one, will be adding color and texture and hopefully it will look good.

Have a good week everyone. We should be off on vacation with the Moms - I may have a chance to post or not - we'll see how it all goes!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It will feel so good to come back to fun projects jump started to get you back into the groove and a nice neat workspace to do them in. Have a great time.

Call Me Cate said...

I have been a lot more deliberate in asking that question lately. Am I truly cleaning or just hiding? I have a little creative corner that needs some attention very soon.

Thanks for participating!

Teri C said...

You are inspiring me to go organize, but no nervous energy available so I will go do some art, lol

Have a great vacation!!

kj said...

you might want to kick me out, mim, but i actually like the before arrangement better than the after. i like seeing all your art supplies.

but then again, i'm no one to talk about organzation. well, actually, i like to be organized and for at least 20 minutes a year, i am. then it starts to unravel again.

i hope you have a great vacation. i KNOW you'll post or comment at least once while you're away!!


Debra Kay said...

I'm still waiting for the organization muse to hit. Come ON, hit me.

Mim, I love that new frame.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Want to come help me with my basement? I still haven't started cleaning and reorganizing there, but I am glad you got to your organizing before you left on vacation...that's a nice feeling, isn't it!

soulbrush said...

my motto is 'declutter deshmutter', can't be bothered. but it is nice to get things ready for you to come home to. love the mirror frame too debs.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Great idea on the curtains to cover the shelves of stuff.. Nice touch. I have a pile of STUFF to go to the good will too. Feels good to clean things up.
Have a great time away. Seems everyone is leaving about now to go somewhere. Have a safe trip.

marianne said...

I really need to do some clearing too.
Great solution this curtain!

have a nice weekend Mim!

Mim said...

as a note - DH likes the before picture also - can't understand "hiding" art supplies - must just be my brain!

studio lolo said...

I'm impressed with the curtain and I understand and like both views. Does that make me schizo? :P

I'm still in love with that mirror frame color scheme. Both will be nice.
Nice collage too!

Have a swell time at moms. And hey, could be I'll se seeing you not too long from now!

Lynn said...

no, no, no, I have to see all my plastic boxes of things or I won't be inspired to USE them. LOL so no curtain for me, although I will admit you did an admirable job making yours! LOL
The mirror frame is top notch! Love it.
I'll rush to the good will to scoop up what you gave away. LOL

I know, I need to organize more too. Soon.

ElizT said...

I thought the first picture showed incredible tidiness.
[Don't know how you get time to go to work.]

Diana Evans said...

great photos!!! I love all the cool stuff you inspirational...I also want to thank you for your kindness and support over the last week....we will never ever get over this tragedy...but with family and friends we never feel alone....


Michele said...

Wow, you did an amazing job with the shelves. It's so Pretty now : )

katie jane said...

Your new shelf skirt looks really good. It seems to dress up the area a bit. I love toting things off to Goodwill. Like you, I just like to "get it out of the house".
P.S. I used to have a blue wing-backed chair just like yours.
Have fun on your vacation.

Renee said...

Looks awesome Mim. I give everything to Goodwill too, such a great organization.

By the way, I love, love, love, my little card from you.

Love Renee xoxo