Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Animal Wednesday and a new quilt

My brother and his family went to Peru in April, and the pictures they bring back from their trips are always awesome. Lots of animal pictures, nature as well as great picture of ruins this time. I think this first animal is a Tapir

Some type of horny toad - isn't he cool with those ridges on his back?
Looks like a Peruvian squirrel to me - rather slick and well fed looking isn't he?
The kids feeding either alpaca or llama - I'm not sure which.
And a lovely alpaca face (or llama?)

I haven't made a quilt in a long time and realized how much I missed it. So I broke open the sewing machine and worked on a quilt that I had pieced together for my cousin's daughter, and finished it in a few days. Amanda is a very modern girl, college student, artistic and when I asked her what type of quilt she'd like I expected her to say something Bold and Modern. Nope, she wanted feminine and flowery and girly. So that's what I did. Roses on the backing, lots of flowers and pinks and greens on the front. I hope she loves it.

Happy Animal Wednesday - go hug a pug!


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I love that last photo of the big brown eyed what ever he is. So cute.
I Love the quilt too. Love the colors. Interesting animals from puru I have never seen before. Thanks for sharing.

marianne said...

What a beautiful quilt! Love that color green.
You have to have patience to make something like that!
Nice animal pictures! It is always such fun to meet wonderful foreign animals!


ElizT said...

Lovely quilt Mim!

studio lolo said...

I want that quilt!! I love paisleys and old roses together. You rock Mim!

Wow, the phots are good! The close-up of the alpacallama is stunning. He needs to be a painting Mim ;)

Yes, still packing but not while my Ottawa Uncle is here this week.

Lynn said...

Wonderful animal shots especially like the one of the close up eye of the llama/alpaca~ so sweet.

Your quilt is luscious. I love the green with white dots, and all the squares that interspurse stripes and dots with flowers/roses. So feminine but not over the top. Very pretty and so well done. Tasteful.

Teri C said...

Awesome photos is right. Love the close-up of the llama or alpaca's face. It is begging to be sketched Mim!

LOVE your quilt; colors and pattern.


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Love the quilt. And is that creature a Cavie? Like a wild Guinea Pig. I think it is.

soulbrush said...

lovely feminine delicate quilt, and i also love the alpaca/llama. don't like the tapir at all. of course yu can have one of the african atcs. will send you one and choose one of yours. hugs.

Mary said...

great animal pics and love your quilt, too!

Bea said...

I went to Lima in Oct. of last year. What a thrill it was but oh the pollution was terrible in the city. Wonderful pictures of the animals. Did they take the long train ride up to the ruins?
Beautiful quilt. Just what a girl needs to cuddle in and with. I love the colors pink and spring green together. Nicely done. :)Bea

katie jane said...

"Oh, I just finished it in a few days...." I can't believe how you just throw that out there! Like it's no trouble at all. This is beautiful and very feminine and rosey and girly. Super job.


kj said...

dearest mim, after seeing this quilt, having one i can hold in my own hands, and looking directly at the studious, ms. em, i have a message for you:

think art fair at kj and jb's side yard in september. think that maybe you and lolo and i will have tables and we will laugh all afternoon while people stop by and say good things and maybe shop their hearts out.

myself, i'm smiling a mile wide thinking of that scene....


Stampmaiden said...

What great pics of the animals. I just love the beautiful eyes of llamas/alpacas. So big and very long eyelashes. I myself can't tell the difference between the two, but they're beautiful.
Talking about beautiful, that quilt is super beautiful! I love the color combination and prints you used. Very cottage-y. You have such talent.

Snowbrush said...

I enjoyed the photos, esp the baby.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those alpaca (?) eyes are always so liquid, deep and myserious.

The quilt is beautiful. Even though she wanted an old fashioned quilt I think you picked the perfect modern colors.

Renee said...

Mim your neice and nephew are both such beautiful children.

I love the hair colour of both of them.

The quilt is beautiful.

Renee xoxoxo