Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Animal Wednesday - a squiggle

A Squiggle dog!

It's a stretch - I know! I think it looks like a sort of poodle cross dog - I was trying to show mom what a labradoodle looked like - but certainly got the legs wrong!

The problem is that I haven't been drawing lately and I know exactly why. I'm obsessed with learning to knit - and I know why I'm doing that also! Besides wanting to actually FINISH something that I can wear - knitting has rules and ways to learn - which drawing doesn't have. I can learn a new way to cast on by watching it on YouTube - but I can only teach my hands/eyes/brain to draw by repeated practice and much more hard work than I ever thought. Drawing is solitary - knitting can be done in the kitchen. You get the picture I think. I've been wanted to be in public more, and be a bit more congenial. Of course, knitting and listening to books on iPod isn't congenial either, but at least I am visible and not sequestered in the basement with my "Learn to draw anything" manual.

So Happy Animal Wednesday everyone - squiggles and all~!


soulbrush said...

tee hee, looks like sjimmie the cat!HAW. knitting is great and very sociable. there's a group who meet here every month in different pubs in london yo knit. think they're called 'knit and bitch.' have you forgotten your box of books? tee heeeee.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Animal WEdnesday. I think your labradoodle looks like a sheep. Are you using wool while knitting?? You could show us your knitting project.

Debra Kay said...

Oh Mim, join a knitting group-they are so much fun! I still haven't actually MADE anything yet, I'm working on my stitches...but yes, my goal to is to have something I can wear (besides a hat, I've crocheted a zillion of those).

It's part of the joy of being one size and knowing what that size will be-I can actually make something that takes effort.

Labradoodles are neat looking dogs who end up in rescues alot. Most have the fur of the poodle and the energy of a lab (and the tendency not to grow up very fast). I've never worked with one, but I bet they are trainable as can be-they'd almost have to be.

Labs and labradoodles need people who can be the boss-and then they are wonderful dogs.

Teri C said...

How fun is this! I thought you threw your yarn on the floor and messed it all up KIDDING! It is very creatively done.

I see you are an obsessive type like me. Get a challenge and we go nuts over it.


PAK ART said...

It's very artsy and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Learning to knit? Not for me, it looks way too complicated.

Lynn said...

How funny...your reasons for learning to knit. I taught myself when our twins were born nearly five years ago now. A great learning site is
Lots of videos and chats and live people who answer questions almost immediately...or they did five years ago when I needed them a lot.
I draw in the living room with DH sitting there watching TV. I paint there too. Only sewing sequesters me to the other room. Happy knitting.This was the first year I didn't feel compelled to knit two sweaters by birthday time in September!

caseytoussaint said...

It kind of looks like a knitted animal..

Michele said...

My first thought when I saw the doggie drawing was labradoodle ... so you must be doing something right : )

katie jane said...

Well, I thought it looked like a sheep, but what do I know? It looks curly.

I can crochet, but not knit. I thought knitting was difficult. When I was much younger I croched afgans till I think all the relatives ran from me when they saw me with new yarn. Everyone had an afgan that they felt obligated to put on the backs of their couches whether they liked them or not. I'm sure they were much relieved when I lost interest in that passtime.

BT said...

Well I think your labra-sheepie is fantastic!! I had a friend with a labradoodle and it was wonderful. Do carry on with your knitting and join a group if there is one. I can knit but only the basics and would love to have learnt to do more fancy stuff.

studio lolo said...

I actually love B&W doodles like this! Hey...IT IS a Labra-doodle!

I have a friend who knits constantly. It used to bug me when I visited because I felt ignored. She knits amazing things. Wow, I don't know how she does it.

To me, drawing comes naturally I suppose. Not that I do it well, but I don't struggle with it like I used to. I had to let the 'angst' of it go. Maybe the years of doing it have helped a little.

I love your drawing Mim. And I miss Ms. Em and her wisdom!

Mr. Grouper made it to my new abode safe and sound. Scans of your work don't do it justice! Thanks for the sweet card that came with him!