Monday, March 7, 2011

3 heads

The online class suggested that we make three heads to practice and you know me - I listen to instructions...sometimes. but I did want to try this more than once, so I did the three heads. It was like creating three different people. They don't even look alike at all - you'd never know they are supposed to be triplets.

First - the Eqyptian - you've seen him before.

Second - the Next Door Neighbor - rather lumpy and bumpy waiting to be sanded.

Third - the Poet. Pensive and also waiting for his sanding.

I used three different paperclays. First was Creative Paperclay - which is very soft. Second is La Doll - which I assume is common to Doll Makers. Third is Diamond Paperclay - which is harder than Creative, but smoother overall.

Note: the recommendation in the class is to make a woman's head. I tried. It didn't work. Maybe the last one might be feminine but the others - no way. They're guys. I think it's because I haven't gotten used to any kind of more delicate features - I tend towards the Hulk look in noses and ears. Hence the guy features. More practice needed.

I have to wait a week for the second lesson to be published so these guys will just dry and wait for their buffing and polishing and painting. As usual, I probably like them better without paint - but I'm trying to learn the entire process from this class.

I had NO idea how many people are into making dolls. The amount of stuff out there for doll making is amazing. You can buy little eyeballs to put into these guys. Cheap! I ordered a package of 4 sets of eyes for $1.25. I think it'll be very odd to use them but I couldn't resist seeing how they look and giving them a try sometime.

I have to admit - it's fun to make these creatures. More to come in a few weeks.

By the way - which head do you like best? Only one of them will be chosen for the final complete treatment. The others will languish on my shelf as potential.


Katiejane said...

I like the middle guy, the neighbor. His face has so much personality and character. Once again, you are doing so well with these. I'm sure, once you get them painted, they will spring to life and be practically human!

studio lolo said...


You're something else! I'll bet T wonders where his wife went while you're busy making heads in the basement!

I find the neighbor head familiar and friendly, but I also like the poet's expression. It will be fun to see them completed.

Holy crap, really!


Robin said...

I love these new clay works - love Miss Em (from your last post) - of the three heads, I like the "Neighbour" best - because his expresssion is so "open" to anything...

Thanks for asking how the job is going.... so far ok - still too soon to really know.....but I think I like it - I KNOW I am thrilled to be among the realm of the "employed" again. (Even for a few weeks.)


♥ Robin ♥

yoborobo said...

I vote for the neighbor or the poet! I haven't tried anything other than the regular paper clay. You'll have to rank them for me. ;) I was thinking of ordering eyeballs, too! LOL! xo Pam

kj said...

my criteria for choosing is who will make the best saturday night date? hahaha! it's #1 for me, beady eyes and all

mim, i am fascinated by how you are approaching this: different clays, different heads. the common denominator is your willingness to learn. you are my heroine for the whole month of march.

oh, i draw a line at the eyeballs. i am going to ask my date to keep his eyes closed.


Lori ann said...

i love them all mim, you've got something here.

Amanda said...


these are wonderful -- but the Egyptian figure is a dead-on impression of Akhenaten, the famous king in the Amarna period where they fashionoed human likenesses in an elongated form -- just remarkable the rendering you've done!

Barbara/myth maker said...

You are really doing well with these clays. I can't work with paperclay for the life of me.... just can't get it right.
I like the Poet the best for some reason.

Mim said...

Thanks all - I love your input on this.
Amanda - I always had a soft spot for Akhenaten - didn't he move the capital city and change to a sun god religion??? my kind of mover and shaker if I remember it correctly.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What fun. I think I like the neighbor best. I like his mouth. go figure. :) cant wait to see one or all done.

Lynn said...

The middle man reminded me of my dearly departed grandfather, Abe.
They are all quite wonderful each with his own personality. Keep at it! You are on to something here. Can't wait to see "eyes" implanted!

Baino said...

I dunno they definitely have your touch but they're a little bit spooky frankly.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These each have such different personalities. The poet is too quiet for me. The first one makes me think he might explode with excitement. I think the neighbor is my fav.

Marion said...

These are so great with such unique personalities! I'm partial to the middle aged neighbour...he's halfway to grumpy but still has that soft side. Love him!

A part of me likes the poet, too.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Manny, Mo and Jack? Yep, they're guys! How fun and yes, doll making supplies are quite inexpensive. After I bought a very expensive Kitty Wig, a doll making friend sent me a link to some really fun doll wigs...oh well.