Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday July 17th - a quiet day

The weekend had a wonderful start as I met my nephews for dinner and a movie on Friday night. We went to see Harry Potter - we've been seeing these movies together for the past 10 years and love our time together and the ritual of seeing a fun movie together. The boys were living in Ireland when the first movie came out and I went over there to see them...and we went to the movie and the ritual started. Other funny stories around that movie, but for another time. Now here they are going off to college and they were amazed that the movie series is over and they are going off to college. A series of 10 years certainly seems to span a lifetime -

We bike rode on Saturday (move about that below) but by Sunday I woke up with an awful headache and ended up back in bed until 11:00. I think it's simply a reaction to overdoing things - my body's usual response to not giving myself a break. My DH went off to kayak and was promising a picture of a Monsta Turtle when he returns. We'll see. (update - no picture - it's like the one that got away!)

But yesterday we drove to our favorite bike trail - a very easy one - and I took pictures at a local graveyard - really a peaceful beautiful place. Jacob Riis is buried here - read about him here - he did good work - he really did. I'm always fascinated by the fact that he is buried in tiny little Barre Massachusetts, in an unmarked grave. There is a small stone in the front of the graveyard, marking the fact that he is buried here. His book "How the other half lives" - is amazing.

Also in this graveyard there was this large headstone monument with toys all around it - it was loaded with toys. I thought "oh dear..." but went over to read it and found it to be the grave of the Naramore family. The story is on the back - in 1901 the family was literally starving to death and to end their pain and keep the family from being broken up - the mother KILLED all the children. Obviously out of her head, but from what I read - this horrible act actually changed laws in the Commonwealth on child abuse.

Gravestones can tell such a story - here is one that tells an abbreviated story - which I found rather touching. Lots said with few words.

I am hoping that they had other children who were not buried in this cemetery.

I don't mean this to be a sad post - I find it so interesting to go to graveyards and see the stories that people want to tell about themselves. In Italy, the graves often have pictures of the deceased etched onto the stone - I really like that! Pictures and a story - what could be better.

Today - while I stayed home I cleaned my studio and have GOBS of stuff going to Goodwill. I started a painting.....we'll see how I get along with it - as I have no idea how to do a face in paint.

All in all - a good weekend


Lynn said...

What an interesting weekend indeed. So glad you got to do the first and last Harry Potter movies with your two nephews (and all the ones inbetween too?) Wonderful. What a family tradition. I bet there will be more in the future. Maybe when they graduate. LOL

Sorry your head hurt.
Hope you are all well again now.

The gravestones are interesting. I think I won't have one; but when I read these I find it a nice way to go on at least for other's to see. Hey we could wind up in someones art or art blog one day...or whatever they are doing like this years and years from now.

Your painting has a wonderful start. Love the shadows on neck and shoulder.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Looks to me like you do know a thing or two about painting faces.

Thanks for the interesting tour of the cemetary. I find them very intriging places, myself.

Love the ritual you have shared for a decade with your nephew. What a special piece of time.

Annie said...

Mim, Glad you had a good weekend.
I don't mind cemetaries, but I don't seek them out either :-).
I think you have a fine start to your painting! xoxo

sukipoet said...

a full weekend indeed. interesting about the gravestones. like lynn, i most likely wont have one.

love the painterly style of your painting. it looks good to me.

hope you are feeling better.

Robin said...

What an interesting post... in so many ways....

I am a huge "Arry Pottah" all the books, saw all the films (except the last one - the crowds in SF are overwhelming...but in a week or so I will be there)! I have seen all but the last two with my Ex.... it was something *special* we shared - like you and your nephews... last year, I actually hesitated on going...then, I thought..hey, how silly NOT to see a film you know you will like.... so I went! Yes...growing up....even at my age!

The cemeteries....I have had an attraction to them since I was a child... and on my earliest tripas abroad with my Mum...would always want to stop and walk among those oh-so-ancient stones...
I find it comforting see those who have lived before me...

What I found most fascinating were Lynn and Suki's comments about not having a gravestone. I never gave it much thought...but lately,
I have....and I guess I want some tangible reminder that I existed.... (but then I don't have that makes a huge difference)....

A fascinating post, Mim....


♥ Robin ♥

Robin said...

P.S. I forgot to mention how intriguing your painting is.... as a non-Artist, I am totally in awe of your talent.

♥ R ♥