Sunday, July 3, 2011

Silly me

Here is an excerpt from July 2nd - Daily Life

6:30 AM - Get dressed in new shorts with the zip pocket and Go out for morning walk/run. Realize that there are people on the tennis court who can see me stumble about and (in my opinion) can laugh all the rest of day watching my efforts. Complete 2.5 miles with 1 mile of slow jogging. Am quite proud of myself. Ignore onlookers slapping their knees and doubling over with giggles.

7:30 AM - Get home and start some gardening. Plant a bunch of stuff in the back and in the front pots. Vow to clean out shed this weekend after bumping shins on the wheelbarrow for the 10th time.

8:30 AM - Call a friend who I know would be up and have a lovely chat about "what are YOU doing today?" or "what are you doing tomorrow?". Titillating conversations. After agreeing that we both have no real plans for the weekend and neither of us has been invited to a fancy party at the Hamptons, or at least up at Lake Winnipesaukee - end convo and put phone into zip pocket of pants. Love the new zip pocket - it's the perfect size for a flip phone.

9:00 - finish gardening and go inside for a shower.

9:40 - Am now washed and dressed so I have a delicious cup of coffee and start to relax with knitting.

9:45 - DH recommends that we go to the beach today. Great excitement in the house, I adore the beach. Start a laundry cause I realize that there are no clean workout clothes for Sunday AM - and I'd better get it done now. Throw aside knitting, pack a lunch and a change of clothes for the beach.

10:30 - House Decision is made to go to P'town for beach experience. More excitement as I decide to phone KJ to see if we can stop by for a quick hello or if she and household are up for a quick trip to Race point. Frantic search for phone. Finally call phone and it appears to be OFF and not ringing - where could it be?

10:40 - Suddenly remember zip pocket, putting phone in cute little pocket and not taking it out before pants got thrown into the laundry. Run shrieking down to basement and pull phone out of dryer - so THAT was why the laundry was clunking around in the dryer. Phone obviously dead as a doorknob. No hope and...more importantly....NO phone number for KJ. Nada! not on other phone. not in my phone book. in fact....most phone numbers on phone will be lost forever.

1:30 - arrive at beach and walk along to our area while inspecting every face on the beach in hopes of seeing a familiar face. No serendipitous meeting with KJ and JB on the beach.

4:30 - Tired and sunburned we make our way home. Great day...but have been a tiny bit better. Make note to transfer any phone numbers and other info in address book to computer so that it will be backed up for the next time I make a bone-head move of washing and drying my phone. Hope phone numbers on clean phone can be rescued.

11:00 - Agree that for a boring couple who had no plans for the weekend that it was a relaxing day and perfect beach weather. Finish looking up new phones that are available to me as an upgrade. Get ready for next day's fun - kayaking!!


sukipoet said...

this is so funny. Sounds like a wonderful day. I love it the way having a partner/husband/wife often initiates activities one might not do on ones own.

you have mega self control not to just go and knock on KJ's door.

I have contemplated doing a post like this, going through my day routines.

y'day was a glorious day here so I assume so at the beach. Be well, Suki

Mim said...

Suki - if I'd known where they lived I might have just done that. But the image of prowling the streets hissing "kj,kj" just wasn't working for me....they'll be a next time!

studio lolo said...

They would have loved seeing you! Jess and Mike and the boys are there for the weekend. I think they went to the beach yesterday, not sure if Race Point though.

Mim, as I was reading this I though I hope she remembered the phone. Uh-oh! I hope you can recover numbers.

I'm proud of you for your exercise and increasing endurance. And Mim, people weren't laughing at you. Why would they? Once my ignorant teenage niece saw a lady jogging and said she looked like an idiot. I stopped the car and snapped at her and said "At least she's out there trying."
The other day on my daily walk Miss Tight Abs Pilates Body walks past me and looks right at my tummy. I cringed, but then I remembered my words to my niece. At least I'm out there every day trying to make a difference.


Mim said...

I'm with ya Lo - and I kept going, but the child inside me was trying to cringe...I told her to let it go. And kept going!
Then the beach! French ladies next to us and you know what they say about French women. oy oy oy!!! I kept my tee shirt on.

Annie said...

Mim, It sounds like a great day except for the phone bit and missing Kj and Jb.
Happy 4th.
P.S. So great that you are running,
when I first started I would say to people, I know it looks like walking, but I am really running

sukipoet said...

oh i thought that since you were there last summer with the gang you would know but now i am remembering that you were in Florida then and had to miss it.

Lori ann said...

oh man hee hee, so funny when you tell it, but it's not funny to have to go to all the trouble, sorry mim!

i was really hoping you would have run into kj on the beach!

glad you had a good day anyway, and next time check your pockets!!

kj said...


how many people could make my heart squeak and twirl by the thought of seeing them at race point? not that many! definitely YOU are on that list, mim. i'm looking forward to another time for sure.

i am emailing you all my numbers because i cannot tolerate the idea i am not reachable at your whim. :^)

what a day yesterday, eh? we were at the pool, at the beach, at the provincetown inn, at the bay, on commercial street, sometimes accompanied by a large giraffe appropriately named flo.

i think you are going to have a very nice fourth. i'm glad. thank you for looking for me, mim. ♥

Baino said...

OH no! I have a pair of zippy travelling pants and love the things but fortunately have never washed my phone. I hope it recovers enough for you to recall the numbers? I didn't realise you lived so close to Provincetown. My weekend disaster involved driving up to the shops with a completely flat back tyre. I wondered why the road felt so bumpy, it was flat to the rim!

soulbrush said...

oh no darn of those 'wasn't meant to be' moments! still sounds like a great day anyway. Happy July 4th

Katiejane said...

This is funny, Mim. I've laundered many things but never a cell phone! (Note to self: always check for phone before loading the washer.) I hope you like your new phone better.

Robin said...

Oh Lori said, your story (so well written) was funny....but - not s funny.... such a hassle to collect all that info again....

But....the rest of your day looked perfectly wonderful! You wil get to P-town again and meet "the girls" - plus Flo!

Happy 4th!


♥ Robin ♥