Thursday, January 5, 2012

Using classic language

Since I am a prolific reader, and often read the classics I have always wanted to use the following sentence...and now have a chance. (visualize back of hand on forehead, swoon coming on - dramatic voice)

I have been given my conge!

I am so excited to be able to use that sentence that it overshadows any apprehension that I might have about my future non-work situation.

It's not for a year - perhaps more - but by that time our Miss Em is going to shine and be ready to launch a book.

Watch out Tintin - Miss Em'll mow you down.

More later !!!


Lynn said...

Big words and thought provoking sentences!
So you've been told your present job will end in a years time?
Or Ms Em (the cartoon character/book) will launch in a years time?
Or You who is really MS EM or MS EM who is really YOU will launch into a new life venue in a years time?
Or all of the above?
Boy, am I confused!
I never heard the word CONGE before so that must be why!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Boy, Lynn said it ALL for me too. I am totally confused too. Happy I think.. lol Do tell more please!!! :))))))

Mim said...

I have been told that my job will probably end in about 12 - 15 months. No big surprise

yoborobo said...

Wow, I have never ever ever used that word. Congratulations on that! And please do give TinTin a run for his money. :) Happy New Year! xox

Katiejane said...

At least you have some time to prepare for your conge. How exciting for you! Yes! Time to think about a new beginning. Move over Tintin, here she comes!

Teri C said...

Well first I had to look up the meaning of conge which tells me you are departing. At least they gave you time to adjust to it. And I am hoping Ms Em is coming out in a book. Save a cop for me, I love her!

All the best Mim


Robin said...

Have no fear of *the conge*!
Ms Em IS your path to a new and successful artistic venture! I have always believed this!

You will give Tintin (and Snowy) some competition! (I must confess that I love them both - thanks to Marianne! I've been reading lots of their adventures and really enjoying them! Ms Em's world is just as wonderful!!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

Nice new layout. What's that building in the header? Your workplace per chance?

Mim said...

The apartment building where I grew up. Someone needs to give me a tutorial on sizing things correctly - it's too big!!!

kj said...

i am estatically happy for you. i12-15 months? i hope it's 6!

a new chapter in which i hope to be a supporting character ♥

~Babs said...

Yaaa, at least Ms Em will have time to grow! Since you've had time to think about it and it's not a big surprise, this is very exciting.
All the very best to you in making plans for your New Chapter!

As old as I am, and as much reading as I do,,one would think I'd have seen or heard of that word.
Good one for my next scrabble game.
:-) thanks for that!

marianne said...

Oh this sounds mysterious and wonderful at the same time!
Getting Miss Em published, wow!
We will be waiting for her.
Happy New year Mim♥

Marion said...

I looked up the word (couldn't stand not knowing it!) said dismissal without notice or fanfare. I'm so glad you are not upset or apprehensive about it. It sounds like a new beginning for you, Mim!

Can't wait for Miss Em's book debut, after your conge, of course! xx

sukipoet said...

a new word for me. well, i seem to recall your talking abt losing yr job last year. maybe that was for a different reason. Are they sure?

what I do with header photo is I move a copy to my desktop. Then when I click on it Windows opens it in a program where you can make changes to the photo. I make it as long as I can and much narrower. Then I post the photo on my blog from the desktop.

Maybe you have an apple though and I dont know how to do it with that computer.

studio lolo said...

After your conge can we have more art play dates???

Miss you girlfriend!


Baino said...

Ugh the losing work thing? Totally familiar. Good luck finding something else or better still making Miss Em a total blockbuster and being flown around he country for book signings

soulbrush said...

Mimsie, this has happened before, you were in this precarious place -probably a year ago. I think I said it then, and truly believe it-'One door shuts and another door opens', and that is for sure. MsEm here we come, and lots more...yahoooo..

soulbrush said...

Sizing- pull your image into photoshop, resize it and save- as a jpg and that's it.

Amanda said...

i have found that when life gives you a conge, it is opening a door.....leaving behind the life you thought you should have for the life that awaits you. the universe is much wiser than we are ~ and you are wise, too, mim ~ for you are awaiting these changes with open arms. may the life that awaits you be filled with joy, creativity and even greater reward than you could ever imagine.


Jos said...

I'm so glad you put in a link Mim as conge is not a word I've come across. I'm glad you have warning of this impending change so you can prepare for Miss Em's Big Launch!!!! I shall look forward to it very much.

I like the new coloured in Miss Em and friends celebrate Chanuka too ... particularly the 3rd one in from th left in the forefront of the picture who quietly pleased to have broken ranks somewhat.

And I like the knobbly knees too. xx Jos