Monday, January 16, 2012

Works in Progress - sculpy

Good Monday morning to you all - no vacation day for me but I'm up early and thought I'd share the weekend's work with you.

I've wanted to try Sculpy for awhile, after using paperclay for awhile I wanted to try something that was a bit more solid - and could dry in a shorter time. So I got a bunch of Sculpy and started in.

A few things have popped out already - all are still in process and I'm learning as I go (as usual). I'm hoping that I can sand down the Sculpy piece even after it's dried and am breaking out the Dremel Moto-tool for some sanding. Does anyone know if this will work? Can dried sculpy be sanded????

This bowl has a lizard, a turtle, a snake and a fish swimming around it. I'm thinking iridescent blue for the base, and greens, browns and reds for the animals - any comments, suggestions or thoughts?

This little bowl is a button bowl! I took a circle of clay, folded the edges and added "buttons". Don't know yet how I will paint it but probably solid colors with contrasting buttons. It's small, fits in your hand and I think I'll make a few sizes.

And then this guy popped out. He's not dried yet, and needs some legs with knobby knees. I made his feet big so that he would stand up, but I have to say that he's not so steady. I thought of putting weights in his feet so he would stand, or maybe a strong magnet so that he could stand on metal. Any hints from you doll makers and sculptors out there?

One reason for this recent activity is that a few of us are going to sign up for a craft fair in May. JB, Lo and I and maybe Heather (not a blogger) will be doing a fair in Northampton - it's called Twist. Sounds like fun and I have a very long time to get ready for it but it's two days and a night and that alot of stuff to have ready to sell. I'm NOT nervous or anything, it's just that I like to be prepared (5 months in advance!).

The absolute best part of the weekend was having Sean and Brian over for a night. We went to a movie (Hugo), had dinner, watched a football game, ate brownies, talked and in general - it was delightful. I wanted to give one of them a book...couldn't find it in my library and have asked them to come over one or two days and list ALL the books that we have so that I can start figuring out what I have, where it is, and how to sort it all out. OK, its really an excuse to get them here again, but I think it's a pretty good excuse plus they'll earn some money from Uncle Tony.

Time to get ready to go to work, its a balmy 8 degrees outside - I'm so looking forward to that 1/4 mile walk to work from the garage!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your latest bowls are great. I reallly like the button bowl. As to getting your man to stand I don't know how. You can sand sculpty when it is dried. I can't wait to see the end results.

Barbara/myth maker said...

You can definitely sand sculpey. Be careful, though, it's very brittle.
Love what you've made!

sukipoet said...

wonderful to see all this creativity in action and great you have a sales venue for the future.

it is minus ten degrees this morning here.

Marion said...

I love your creativity, Mim, you are talented in so many ways! The button bowl is my favourite...just something about buttons! They feel so homelike and comforting to me. I have a huge box with buttons from all my deceased relatives all bunched together...this little bowl would be great for displaying some of the more interesting buttons.

Way to go, Mim, I'm sure these sculptures will sell quickly! xx

Katiejane said...

All of these are adorable! I just don't have a favorite; I love them all. The little man is coming along very well. And the button bowl is a real cute idea. Yes, you can sand Sculpey once it is dry.

Annie said...

Wonderful work! I used to make jewelery with sculpty about 25 years ago, I don't remember much, but I think you can sand it.
I love that painting in your last post, very charming :-).

I don't think 5 months is long at all to get ready for a fair, I would need a year! You are smart to start now.

Lori ann said...

brilliant mim! everything, getting ready in advance and all your work so far. i love the bowls, and can't wait to see them painted. have you ever made a yarn bowl? i would love one (made by you). they are just regular bowl size, but with a slot cut out (some more fancy than others). the yarn goes through the cut out, and stops rolling all over the place as you work. have you seen them?
you should make them for the fair!

Mim said...

Lori - so funny that you should ask about a Yarn bowl - that's what I started out to make, but got distracted by the snakes and such!!!

thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions about working with sculpy - i'll give it a try and see how it all goes!!!

Robin said... KNOW how much I adore your bowls! The most beautiful ones I have ever seen!
As for about sea green for the inside....and varying shades of coral, pink, lilac and blue for the creatures? Just my two cents!

Did you like *Hugo*? It's on my must see list!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

Well of course that Button Bowl speaks to me! I too LOVE buttons! Goes back to grandma's button box.
and now of course my grandkids get into my button tins. It's a fun family tradition!
Your scupty man is wonderful. I actually like his spindly stick legs; but if standing is a problem I'd think thick clay legs should solve the problem, no? Hope so.
Not a clayer so no idea really.
good luck I know YOU will figure it out. The art faire sounds fun. And the bowl with all the creatures is very cool too!
and I like the story of your nephews coming over...again. ;-)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

A very fun newsy blog post today. How did you like HUGO??
Love the old man. Hope you figure out how to make him stable. I too love the button bowl. I used to play with my Grandmothers buttons when visiting her as a child too. Such memories. :)Keep up the good work.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...
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kj said...

mim, i hope you get this guy to stand without a major weight gain because i think his legs and feet are adorable!!!

i am in awe of your clay people.

the button bowl is so solid and whimical, a nice mix.

see you soon xxoxo♥xoxo

~Babs said...

Mim, I adore your clay pieces!!
I've worked with Sculpy quite a bit, but I am still learning myself.
I've never done a stand alone piece, but I'm thinking the weights inside the little man's shoes should do well. Maybe.
Trial and error, that's how I do it, ha!

Amanda said...

the button bowl is my favorite - i love the little buckles of fabric! and the back view of your little guy is priceless with his suspenders...

i definitely vote for the iridescent blue on the first bowl - maybe a yellow fish, green turtle - and how about a purple snake?

AtelierBrigitte said...

I love thse sculptures!

PAK ART said...

Great! I've used sculpy once many years ago. It dried harder than a rock and is still intact although a delicate piece broke off due to me not being careful. You are so multi-talented. Can't wait to see what you do next!

marianne said...

They are great and will even be better in color!
How will you glaze them Do you have an oven/kiln?
So good to work towards the show! Five months to prepare should be enough, but I know how busy you are sometimes.......
Sounds like it was a fun weekend with the boys. The book project will be fun as well.
enjoy your walk and day at work♥

Baino said...

Mim! No more bowls. Someone will have to dispose of them all when you're no longer around. Love your little man though. I remember Clare working with sculpy making her environment models at Uni, amazing stuff.

soulbrush said...

That little clay man is wonderful and would go so well with my little old woman from your etsy shop. please finish him and sell him to me!