Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Animal Wednesday - a brief glimpse of some animals

I had to go to a meeting in Detroit last week, so instead of coming home, I zoomed out to California to see mom at her rental house in Cayucos.  Here she is in front of a very cute house, and you can see little Mr. Scruffy  - who is leading the life of Reilly out there in CA.  Daily walks on the beach, a dog cousin to play with - JUMPING ON THE SOFA!!!  That dog has the life.  Doesn't mom look cute in her pink bathrobe?  She'd be so mad if she knew I was posting this photo! 

This is the dog cousin, my brothers dog Lulu.  She's a sweet dog but totally devoted only to my brother.  She tolerates the rest of us, and we get a polite wag of the stumpy tail when she greets us, but she goes into body spasms with Jon and simply adores him.

This is a long shot of seals (aka shark food) in Morro Bay - where I always visit to go to my favorite shoe store - Sole Mia.  Awesome shoes, not cheap but worth it once a year.   Anyway...the seals were barking like nuts and doing tricks for food closer to the tourists.

A seal back - I wasn't too swift with the camera this day.

Mom liked my Water Lily Girls stuff and I worked on a new panel with her.  This is going to be an intro drawing to where they (the WLG's) go to school, showing that it's an upside down boat. We had fun trying to name it, looking at letters that work both right side up and upside down.

Im signing up for a workshop on "How to publish a childrens book" which I understand is very difficult to do.  So I will self publish once I figure out how to use the Lulu site - it seems complicated to me!

HAPPY Wednesday  - Animal or not!!


Teri Casper said...

Such cute dogs. I once had a dog that adored me also and tolerated others. Kind of neat.
Love the seals.
Good luck with the book.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good shot of your Mom. Seals are noisy. I like to hear them barking. Of course I don't live near them so it is a treat to hear. Can't wait to see your book.

Robin said...

Your Mum looks beautiful - even in her pink bathrobe! What fun for Scruffy too... a change of scenery is healthy for them both. (And you too!)

Lulu is a cutie. (Airdale?) I love them.

Your Seal photos fit in with my Sea Lion photos! I had trouble capturing both Seals and Dolphins the other day....they are so speedy!

Luv the name *Sole Mia*!!! Happy Shoe Shopping!

The Cover for the *WLG's* is going to be great! This will be a successful book...and I don't mean just through your Bloggers' purchasing it... it will take off and enrich the imaginations of children (and adults) everywhere!



♥ Robin ♥

Lori ann said...

haha funny scruffy! hi mom! i know those seals and the rock and that shoe shop, LOVE that store. i have a photo of a dolphin today too, happy animal wednesday!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love how you just zoomed out to CA from Detroit. :)Love the pix of your Mom..hope she isn't tipped off by someone in the Family. :)) Love your drawing too. Great photos. HAW

Lynn Cohen said...

Mim, yes your mom would not like that on line! Please!

I want to use Lulu too for my book...let's compare notes along the way...

I like their financial arrangement for selling...
Am more worried about how to get photos sized right for them.

Glad you had fun with dogs and mom. I won't tell her about the photo of her in her robe!

PAK ART said...

Yes! to the book! I haven't used LuLu but found fairly easy to use. I created a little paperback of my cactus drawings just for myself to corral all the pics together. Love the dogs and mom in her pink robe!

soulbrush said...

Your Mom looks amazing for her age- tell her I say so- but don't tell her how I know! tee hee.

Baino said...

Hey Mim...finally catching up. You've been a busy bee judging from your previous posts. Love the pics and the little Airdale. Hope all is well and you're full steam ahead on the watercolours. The best I can do right now involves white ceiling paint and a roller!