Thursday, September 20, 2012

Water Lily Girls - redux?

uh oh. I've done 20 drawings and paintings in a month.  Am I turning into a crazy lady?

Watch this - have you ever heard of this guy?

I love his artwork, but wow - talk about obsessive.

I'm going to get the video somehow and watch it - I've read that the writing was difficult but the drawings were amazing.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

No I have never heard of this fellow or the book or the movie. It would be interesting to see. You have to go some years before you step into his league.Keep on drawing. :)

sukipoet said...


sukipoet said...

ok no robot. yes, have read about this man and also see the movie about him. outsider artist. i read a lot abt outsiders for awhile.

sounds fab. that you are doing so many drawings.

Robin said...

The drawings are so amazing...thank you for telling us! I want to read more about him... his work is wonderful. And, so is YOURS! Those *WLG's* are going to brighten a lot of people's worlds!!!!!


♥ Robin ♥

soulbrush said...

Having an obsessive personality I can totally relate to this, and anyway I bet it kept your mind and heart and soul occupied and away from the humdrum. Love what he did too.

Amanda said...

wow - that is an amazing story of the old man. i see it as a testament to the power of the human spirit - even if no one sees our work, or will ever see our work until after we die, humans are compelled to create. i say if you are enjoying it who cares what anybody else thinks. so you're not obsessive!

ps loved the foto of your mom and of lulu - she looks like my mia! is she an airedale?

JeffScape said...

No, not crazy... now aim for one drawing/painting per day. ;)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support you gave to me and my short film. Seriously... thank you.

Wander said...

Hi Mim,

Csme to your blog via Kj's
So glad I did!


Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

I saw a show of his at the now defunct (I think) American Museum of Folk Art in the city. I thought it was a little creepy...almost pedophilic. Charming colors and style, despite that, lol.