Saturday, September 29, 2012

Got myself too busy these days

As I wrote to KJ and Lo today - I have a full schedule every weekend from now until after Thanksgiving.

This weekend (let's call this weekend 1)  - spend a day with DH and a day with BFF
Weekend 2 - Art is ....You - in Stamford Conn, also get to see family
Weekend 3  - a seminar on "How to Publish a Children's book"
Weekend 4 - go to see Mom in Florida (and scruffy of course)
Weekend 5 - spend a day with DH, and then leave for a business trip to Germany
Weekend 6 - come home from Germany, do laundry, catch my breath for a day
Week between weekend 6 and 7 - go on a business trip to Minneapolis
Weekend 7 - annual girls weekend away with 2 friends - known them both since '86
Weekend 8...Hmmm....a weekend free?  better spend it with the hubby as by this time he's feeling rather neglected don't you think?

I think that brings us up to Thanksgiving - and thinking about it this morning got me thinking about Christmas and yes...I bought my first Christmas present, but I won't say who or what since they might see it here.

I'm also taking my usual Comic Class and a watercolor class, and working long hours.  The funniest part of all this is that I'm very happy and content and don't feel stressed....which is good!

So that is why I have been absent from the blogs - too darn busy having fun!!!

I catch up when I can and send kisses and hugs to you all,


Lori ann said...

sounds completely awesome mim! don't forget your knitting when you fly!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't know how you do it. Have fun.

studio lolo said...

I'll never complain about being too busy again! I wonder if I try to fit some fun things in (like classes) if I might not feel the stress so much. You know the problem though...undependable work schedule! We'll fit a visit in Mim, no worries.


Robin said...

Busy is GOOD!!!!Travel is good....particularly to Deutschland! (Although Minneapolis has a gorgeous Zoo - really! A good friend of mine's son is the Director there....)

I am so happy you are continuing with the Comic Class....

Love and hugs and kisses from SF,

♥ Robin ♥

Lynn Cohen said...

Well, I feel honored that you made it to my blog! Thanks!
What a schedule. Lots of fun stuck in between work stuff, but even then you get to visit interesting places!
Yes, Mr. m. Will miss you!
We are traveling and having fun too. It's a rarity that I get to any blogs myself right now. DH is watching football in our Motel Six...tomorrow we travel again!

Amanda said...

i stopped at weekend 6 - business trip to germany - lucky you! completely get the absence from blogging - life beckons — enjoy♡

marianne said...

You are even worse than I!!!!!!
But I see a lot of fun things so enjoy all these events Mim!
Same here and I catch up when I can......
have a great time!

kj said...

whoa! this makes me want to type out my own all-good packed weekends, maybe i will!

you are being infused, mim. with everything good xo

you, dear, are on my very very short list. ♥


soulbrush said...

Great list- BUT don't overdo it- get rest too please or you know what will happen...lotsa love from a very much slower soulieb.