Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Animal Wednesday - caged dangerous rhino

There was a vintage stuff sale at the Art Retreat last weekend and I found this little rusty cage - it's about 5 inches wide and 7 long.  I have no idea what it would be used for as any small animal that I know of would squeeze out of it in two seconds.

But it's a safe place for my little plastic Rhino - and keeps all the other plastic animals safe from harm.
(hee hee)

Happy Animal Wednesday! 


Snowbrush said...

That looks pretty slick, Mim, and if you hadn't given its dimensions, I would have assumed that it was big and on the floor in some big gallery.

marianne said...

Hahaha Great idea Mim! And so considerate to the other plastic animals ;)

kj said...

GRRRRRRR Mim!!!!!!!!!

You now have a sturdy cage for your extra wild hopes and dreams :-)

Ps miss miss miss you


Lynn Cohen said...

What a great find! I am so glad you got to go to that retreat and meet wonderful people and have fun creating too! Yippee!

Robin said...

Ah, *Set Him Free*!!! He wants OUT to roam your studio!

The retreat had to be such fun for you....it's wonderful to meet "like minds" and works some creative magic together!



♥ Robin ♥

sukipoet said...

glad you got away on retreat and found this treat for your vintage collection.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You can always find something to do with an item you really like. Nice find.

soulbrush said...

Tee hee cute- hope Ms Em doesn't put here hand through the bars at any time.

studio lolo said...

You're a softie, rescuing Rhinos now!

I love it. I can picture it in your awesome studio!

Miss you,