Sunday, October 28, 2012

Animal Wednesday on Sunday

I saw these railing decorations in Stamford, CT when I was there for Art is You.   The building might have been  a bank at one time, it had that look.  I believe it's a Hotel now. 

 I love the images - the squirrel hiding his nuts for the winter, the wise owl and the strength of a bulldog - at least that's how I read this.

And then the Cornucopia - with money pouring out of it.  I guess the message is clear - do you agree? 

I have been absent from the blogs as my poor DH had pneumonia last week and I've been taking care of him after his 4 days in the hospital.  He's getting better, and is getting stronger every day.  And I'm heading to Germany for the week, where I'm leading a large meeting.  I've spent months setting it up, have all the presentations, all the arrangements.  And of course I wish I wasn't going at all!   Plus we have a large storm coming.  In order to make it out before the storm, I'm leaving today instead of Monday night.  A few of my colleagues are doing the same, some are taking their chances and waiting to see what happens.   

I hate business travel at the best of times, and this is not the best of times. I am a nervous wreck!  I finally decided today that I'm going to push the meeting to be over a day early, and come home a day early if possible.  That is, if the airports are open.  Oy.  Send good flying wishes my way OK? 

So Happy Animal Sun-Wednesday to you all.  


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love that squirrel. Safe travels to you and I pray all will be fine with your DH and home. What a horrible time to have to be leaving. Do keep us posted on how things are when you can.

~Babs said...

Travel mercies and safety prayers for you and all yours Mim.I was wondering about you & all the other bloggers in the East.
Very glad your DH is better.
We'll be eager to hear that all is well.
Take care,,,,

Anonymous said...

beautiful squirrel! Have a safe journey and I hope your husband heals quickly,

sukipoet said...

good idea to leave early. have a great trip. i am impressed by all you are doing.

love those animals too. wonder from what era the artwork comes?

sorry about DH. Hope he rests a lot and gets well soon

soulbrush said...

Hope your dear one is well and on the road to recovery- and hope you don't get caught in that storm. Take it easy. xxx

kj said...

i have to say i wish you were home. :^(

what a relief when this is over. i will speed time up for you, mim :^)


Robin said...

Sending you love and strength across the Country and the Atlantic...I can relate to the stress you are feeling.... time to *channel* the strength of Ms. Em and the *WLG's* will be fine and oversee a brilliant presentation...

I am saying prayers that your DH is well on the way to recovery as you fly safely home! Love and hugs to both,

♥ Robin ♥

Teri Casper said...

Wonderful images. Love the 'tucked in' look, in fact I am inspired to try some art like that.
Prayers for DH.s quick recover Hope all is well after the hurricane also. Phew, lots going on in your life.

Lynn Cohen said...

I thought all the airports were closed down there. You must have just made it out. Well then it's a good time to be gone.
So sorry DH was so ill. Do hope he has the strength to batten down the hatches at home. What a mess sandy is making!
Take care and get home safely.
The Steele a nimals are terrific.

Amanda said...

sending best wishes that the week ahead goes smoothly for you mim ~ sounds like a lot of stress. you deserve to schedule yourself a nice massage upon your return. hope your hubby feels better soon as well. xo

Amanda said...

p.s. i love the decorations on the fences - especially the owl!