Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Art Retreat - Art is.....

 I had such a nice weekend.  Here's the story with - of course - commentary and history.

I had signed up for a painting class in California in June, and planned to stay at my brothers house while doing the workshop.  It turned out that the class was at the same time as my nieces graduation, mom was coming out, tons of friends  - it just got too complicated! I cancelled attending the workshop.  So, to sooth my wounded feelings - I signed up for "Art is You" in Stamford Connecticut.

The few days before the meeting I had a few minutes - or more - of regret that I had signed up and paid for the workshops.  Too busy, don't have time to do what I need to do anyways, too tired etc etc. But, it wasn't cheap and was past the time for refunds so off I went on Thursday night.

I didn't know a soul there, and was quite shy for the first night - but jumped into my first session on Friday where I took a Shrine Making class with Michael deMeng - it was amazing!  He is a wonderful teacher, funny, easy to work with and very creative.  The working area that we had was tight, and I had two tons of stuff to play with - but basically he taught alot of his painting techniques and composition.   Great session, great fun - and by now, I'm chatting up a storm with people. (are you surprised?)  The piece I worked on is shown below, not finished at all, but it'll get done.  


That night I took an iPAD "Sketchbook Pro" session - which was wonderful! I learned how to sketch on my ipad (all the funny art here is from that program).  I traced over a picture of my parents and it actually does look like them.  I drew and played with layers, and played some more.  I have a new tool now - and can sketch and draw and COLOR all in the space of a few minutes. Of course, no paper unless printed, but right now I'm all for less paper drowning me.

The next day I took a class called "Soldered Muse" with Kecia Delaney - because I've always wanted to learn how to solder.  I LOVED it - it was so much fun.  I can now make ornaments, and attach things to other things, and make a mess.  I don't know that I'll use it often but it was a goal of mine to learn...and learn I did.  I even sketched out a plan for a little piece - and used my ipad for the sketch!  woo hoo!!  Watch out digital world, here I come.


After the class I was relaxing in my room and got a text from someone saying "we're waiting for you in the bar!" - OK!! now we're on.   Delicious Cosmo for starters, good food and then there was a "vendor night" where people were selling stuff.  I got stuff... lots of stuff! Mostly stuff I didn't need but the Cosmo was making me very relaxed and happy and I happily parted with money.  I really didn't do too badly - and scored an industrial sized paper cutter for $15.00 and a funny little rusty cage for $5.00.   I put a stray plastic rhino in the cage and I'm happy.  Lots of good fun necklaces too.

Other happenings:

I met a woman with an art gallery in western mass who'd love to show my stuff (gulp).

I met a woman who is a graphic designer and gave me tips on comic production.

People loved my comics - another test run for our Miss Em.

There were 300 women there, and perhaps 5 men.  There was tutu days (I think that was the plan, that part confused me) and "breakfast in your PJ's" morning.  Women talking and exchanging ideas, and learning - that part was even more wonderful.

I met the famous Mrs Pom (famous to me anyways) and she was delightful, welcoming and tiny-er than I thought! Lovely to meet her and take a morning class - thank you Loretta!  (oh dear, as I was linking to her blog, I see that her mom has passed on - so sad).

I came home on Sunday morning, and spend the rest of the day unpacking, and organizing.  It was delightful.

This is the first time away from home where I haven't had family with me, or work to do. Where I could do my own schedule without having to meet people for lunch of dinner.  No one to watch over or take care of or worry about. I kept my own schedule, my own dates, my own time.  Two full days of it - and it was good for me.  I could use a week of it!  Actually, it made me think how good it was to be with other like minded arty people, off on a retreat, and how inspiring it can be.   I came home with tons of ideas and thoughts.    Happy to be home, but happy that I went.


Katiejane said...

Oh Mim, this sounds like so much fun! I'm really happy for you. These kinds of weekends are perfect for busy women. I wish I could find something like this near me. I love all the really neat art you made and now you know how to make digital art, too. Wow. You're going to be one fantastic artist!

Lynn Cohen said...

I am so happy for you having this wonderful YOU time!!!! I knew about Michael through knowing Judy Wilkenfield's art. What a pair they are. I am sure you were bowled over by his art.
Is the sketchbook art on the iPad with an app by that name? Would love to try that.
Love all that you did.
Yes, Yes, Yes, get more "ME TIME" so important to the artists soul.
Hey, the human soul.

Yippee Mim!

Lynn Cohen said...

Also kudos for the networking you did and connections made especially for selling your art! Now that was a huge feather in your cap!

soulbrush said...

I met a woman with an art gallery in western mass who'd love to show my stuff (gulp).

People loved my comics - another test run for our Miss Em.

OMG this is all so exciting- well done and congrats and you go girl go!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Working so much you need to do these things. What luck or was it Karma bringing you to these supportive women? Good to hear all this. Now, don't work too hard.

Lori ann said...

wow mim! this is all so awesome. a perfect weekend it sounds like. love everything you've made, how the heck do you draw on an ipad?? so exciting about the gallery, it is only the beginning i'm sure. yay!

yoborobo said...

I'd love to take a workshop from Michael DeMeng. I am a huge fan. I'm so glad you that you went, Mim. I've thought about doing this when the money gets a little easier to come by - lol! Great that you got feedback on your art/comics! YAY!!! xox

Robin said...

Mim... hooray! All of this is wonderful news... you ARE a truly talented lady - whose imagination works in amazing and different ways... your art IS unique - and how wonderful to have many people in the Art World recognise it! Your individual pieces DO belong in a gallery...and Miss Em and the *WLG's* will be published in book form!!!
I just know it!



♥ Robin ♥

sukipoet said...

this sounds like a super weekend and am so glad you treated yourself. i have read a fair bit about Michael deMeng and have seen photos of his work. sounds like you had a good mix of workshops. Stamford, not far from where I grew up!

kj said...

I thought I commented already. Yes? No? Who knows?

Maybe we should all do this next year (attention ms Maryland and ms California) . Wouldn't that be a great blogfest?

I am so happy for you, Mim. It's happening....


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that sounds like so much fun, I just found you today from another friend we have in common, I'm so glad I have, I have been reading your posts, best wishes from Canada!!