Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Animal Wednesday - Birds! (and a frog)

We were biking in Florida last week, off road and in the hot hot sun.  DH stopped suddenly and indicated that I should slow down, get off the bike and follow him.  I did of course, and saw this guy up in a tree.   Bad pics of course, as he was far away and I only had my phone with me, but oh - so glorious and beautiful.  We had binoculars with us and got a really good look at the majesty and beauty of this bald eagle.

In addition, we saw the Eagles nest - it is enormous, about 8 feet across. 

You can just imagine baby eagles being raised, generation after generation, in this nest.  

On another bike ride we had this hawk follow us around for a few miles. Did we look like mice?  I can't imagine that we did, but sometimes these birds seem curious about humans. Perhaps they also know that our thumping noises sometimes scare little mice out into the open. 

A more common siting was this bird, waiting for us to throw it something.  Nope, sorry bird, no snacks for you. 

Finally on a late night walk we saw this little guy - crouching down trying to avoid us.  We took a few pics and then left him alone, he was so cute. 

Happy Birdie/Animal Wednesday


Lynn Cohen said...

HAw! What wonderous animal sightings, Mim! I'd have loved this animal adventure with you! Thanks for sharing!

Teri Casper said...

So neat tosee these. I see birds have invaded your animal wednesday too. lol


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It appears that we all went to the birds for AW. I like the little frog too. HAW.

Kelly said...

I really love nature walks like this one!

kj said...

what i like is that you are out and about in the world


Robin said...

Lucky you to see Mr. Bald Eagle AND his nest! WOW!!!!!

The Hawk is a favourite of mine....that intelligent, beautiful face....

The Frog!!! So sweet..(well, for those of us who love them..)

Mr. Gull is a sweetie too!

HAW.....a little late....

Love to all abd a big husg to your Mum!

♥ Robin ♥

Amanda said...

How lucky you were to see these noble creatures, and yes, to think of how many young were raised in that nest.

I've gone eagle watching along the MIssissippi in January, and seeing these magnificent creatures hulking high up in the branches always makes me think of old men wearing raincoats sitting in trees!! hehe