Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can't help myself - it's too nice outside

Sitting in the garden on a beautiful summer New England day is just so perfect I can't stand it. Had to take some pictures of the garden. There is something about the light, the contrast on the grass that just grabs me and has always done so - even since childhood when I would spend summers in camp to get out of the city. I envied people who lived surrounded by all this beauty, with gardens of flowers, and waving trees; with beautiful shadows on their lawns. I envied them their solidity, their seeming permanence. Their large sprawling homes that I imagined were filled with generations of memories, with grandma's and grandpa's, aunts and uncles. Home.
You never get over those early moments of realized beauty - they have stayed with me. The sight of a daylily blooming in sun and shade takes me right back to the Berkshires as a 10 year old - where I just soaked in the New England summers. And I still love them. And now I can take pictures of my own daylilies and gently waving trees. What a wonder.

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