Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday night June 29th

My first EVER portrait - thanks for Kerstin Klein for the swap. Fun but extremely nerve-wracking for me, swamped with "am i good enough" and "what if mine is the WORSE PORTRAIT EVER DONE IN THE HISTORY OF ART". You get the picture. Here's a link to is her's of me, she has terrific attention to detail. I think mine made her a little mad looking which is weird, as she is a very nice person, helpful as can be. She wasn't holding that blue ball, it was a camera - but I tried for a globe (Kerstin is from Germany) so I wanted to depict the global thingy - but it sort of looks like a blue grapefruit. Anyway - thanks Kerstin - this has been fun

Oy - what a week!

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ksklein said...

how come i managed to miss this post???? my bad!!!
i always have the same feelings about it... lots of fun with these portrait exchange, but also lot of doubts as many of the participating artists are great artists.
but that helps me learn and improve myself.
I like the way you drew me and I don´t think it is mad looking at all. Great idea to exchange the camera for a grapefruit. ;)
Thanks for the fun and the wonderful portrait!