Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girlfriends Book - my page 1

Katie started a book round robin thingy - and about 10 of us have joined.
This goes to Suki next - and was inspired by her search for a new home and also by some scrapbook paper that I had from Claudine Hellmuth. Suki has been looking for a new home for awhile and I decided to make the theme of my book - HOME. Have fun with it. The dimensions are 6 x 12 - and I'm going to leave it that way, no folding for this page. So all would just add a 6x12 piece next (if I have it right!).

Now I'm into house images!! Gotta work on the cover next. Suki - you should be getting this page soon.


studio lolo said...

wow, that sounds like an awesome project!
I love your theme and the reason for it. Purple is such a good energy color. I hope it brings Suki luck ;)

I'm not sure how this group works. I'll check out Katie's blog. I'm pretty dense!

beauty of a page Mim!

Lynn said...

Well I like how the paper, especially the background paper looks like fabric to me, and the way you pieced it very much has a landscape art quilt look to it. Maybe we each see what we want to see? It's lovely. I am still working on my long fold out first page, and today started one for Soul. Glad to have your measurements. ;~)

kj said...

mim, this project sounds totally wonderful? when done will you have a book filled with one page each of artists creating something on the theme of 'home'? do i have that right?

i agree with lynn that your cutouts look like fabric. and the color! purple is the color of the 'holy spirit' (not to be confused with my catholic background).

have a good monday, mim.

marianne said...

I just visited kate's blog!
Seems very nice!
Does everyone gets a book in the end?
Your cover is so matching for Suki!

have a nice day!

soulbrush said...

what a beauty, with your theme being 'home' i will have to think of a fitting page for you. i am sending mine to lynn today, what a lotta fun.

katie jane said...

Oh Mim, this is so fun!! I love it. And I love the theme. Home is such a comforatble place. Should be an easy theme to follow. Good job!
I can't wait to see it in person.

Renee said...

Oh Darling Mim: Thank you so much. I received a lovely card in the mail and the best thing of all is that we looked like twins.

I had on a nice warm vest and one of my son's hockey sticks in my hand and then I opened a card from 'Stella' and I was like who the heck is Stella. And then I saw Mim. And I was super excited and really glad.

Mim I love it, the card is such a gift and so is the little envelope.

Thank you so much. It totally made my day and boy did you ever get Canada right.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Debra Kay said...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have been seeing these pages popping up on blogs. It is fun seeing the book come together. Your page looks like it is sewn.