Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Animal Wednesday - animal sketches and rambling notes.

I am working my way thru a book called "Drawing and Painting Animals" and am still in the early portions of the book and am not even close to the "painting" section. I got myself a brown paper sketchbook and am going to keep my animal sketches in that book as much as I can.

What I have learned, over and over again I might add, is that practice helps. It's a little bit hard because there are so many animals to draw, but this book tries to bring you back to basic shapes and drawing animals from those circles, triangles etc. Once you start to get ease with drawing those shapes, and taking it to the basic animal look - I guess you start on some more complex drawings - like two animals together. But I do know from my experience over the past two years that the hand is learning to draw while the eye is learning to see - and when you get these two senses working together with confidence, drawings flow better and everything works easier.

I think the top cat has the mumps - doesn't he look a bit swollen about the jaw area? Ah well - practice will help.

On other notes, work has been so busy that I haven't had time to post, or comment or much of anything. Yesterday was a 12 hour day, but I am over the hump now and can go back to regular hours. My tooth is bothering me again so I am going to make an appointment to have it taken out finally.

All of a sudden, the weather has changed to fall like temps, a very abrupt change from hot summer weather. This is the time of year that you wonder if you should get out the sweaters and put away the sleeveless shirts. I usually make the wrong choice and end up broiling in fall clothes on what seems like a hot summer day. Sitting outside before dinner now requires a light sweatshirt, whereas two weeks ago I felt like I wanted to sit in a pool of cool water. I love fall weather - there is a tiny little tang in the air that is conducive to biking, hiking, and in general - being outside. I'm not so happy doing loads of activity in the heat, and seriously hate doing outside stuff in freezing cold weather - but give me that fall crispness and I'm happy. Apple weather; pies and the like call out to be made...or bought.

My printer/scanner is doing odd things. Big streaks in the scanning - so much so that I can't even think about posting the latest in the adventures of Miss Em. I've cleaned it, and fussed, and am beginning to think that it's unfixable! It doesn't show up as much on this brown paper but on white - yucko! Any advice?

HAW everyone - enjoy your animals today!


soulbrush said...

do you know mim, i think animals are the hardest things to draw, you have done so well here, yes it feels like 'fall' here too, chill in the air, i am not ready for it yet. haw mimsie. xxx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is a good start on animals. I need to get one of these books. I am sure that you learn lots. Don't work too hard. HAW.

studio lolo said...

Actually, I love the kitty! Do you know that male cats jowls get real full if they're not neutered? Yup, big ol' tom cat jowls. I love them! Some folks neauter their males after they get a bigger face. That's silly though because by then they have that nasty spraying habit.

Looks like a good book Mim. And I can see the growth you've had this past year! You're very hard on yourself but I can relate.

The crispness in the air has me excited! My first Fall back and to think I'll be spending a part of it with you girls! I'd better start that diet.

I'm with you on the cold outdoor thing. I'll be hunkered down this winter. Hopefully I'll get to finish a book.


Bea said...

Ok, I just watched this NOVA program on PBS that talked about what we do when we sleep. See if this helps with your animal drawing. They said that whatever you had done that day or right before you went to sleep the brain replayed it over and over, correcting mistakes, making the actions more effecient, etc. When the subject woke up they had them repeat the same actions and they did them faster and with more accuracy. So, anything we are trying to learn we need to sleep on it and then review it again and we should be more proficient at what we were trying to do.

PS That said I think your animals are darling. :)

Debra Kay said...

Oh, a Tom Cat-I'm really missing one. I love my Pasht-she's a part of me, but there is something so endearing about a lazy old Tom. Neutered of course, I've never really known an intact cat of either gender.

Printer scanner-don't get me started. A good idea, but when one goes wonky, you have to buy a whole 'nother thing. Granted, they are much less expensive than they used to be, but my little head has to wrap itself around discarding something that partially works....aggggh.

I welcome the cooler weather, the summer was mild, but the hot parts really bothered me this year. I think it was because I wanted to be outside and couldn't during the hottest parts.

PAK ART said...

I love your sketches - I've found that often I'm drawing what I think they look like instead of actually looking at them and noticing that their heads are shaped this way or that. For me it's taking the time to really see. No advice on electronics! I'm helpless with them.

Lynn said...

Wow, lots to ponder here.
My favorite drawing teacher just tells us to look and let our pencil follow what our eyes see, rarely looking down at the paper. And yes, practice is what it is all about, something I have not stayed with consistently enough with my fibers keep calling me of late.
But I have another class with him coming up soon! Can't wait!!!

Fall: Oh how I LOVE FALL. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons. Spring for the flowers and Fall for the leaves turning. I will mourn not being back East in October. I'd gotten myself so psyched to do that. Disappointment, sigh. But it's still very summer here.
But I've noticed I've been chosing more fall colors to wear.

I'd toss the scanner and get a new one. They really are inexpensive now.
I like my AllinOne HP 6310x at home. Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier. Another All in One I got for my office at Costco was under $100. Maybe 4500 series, also HP.

I'm joining you in the getting rid of a pesky tooth...

And I hope you don't have to work so hard.

Teri C said...

It's really true about practicing. If I let one or two days go by without doing some kind of art, I can tell the difference. Like when I was with Lisa, I hadnt done any Sunday people sketches (soon though) and I really felt it when I tried to do the Amish people. Keep going, you are doing great!

I can also tell autumn is in the air. That means Arizona is getting closer for me! :)


Michele said...

The kitties are wonderful and I too love Fall ... as much of a Fall as we can get in dallas anyway.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Thats a good idea to go back to basics to draw and practice. Something for Fall and winter to do.
Summer is very much still here. 85 today. Not in a fall mode yet. I love it but then we have TONS of leaves to rake up with three HUGE trees and a few smaller ones that shed for Winter. Ugh.
Keep up the good work.
Oh and yes time for a new printer me thinks.

Marion said...

Yes, it is truly Fall here in the northern interior of BC...the leaves are turning and it is quite cool in the mornings. I am thankful; I found the heat this Summer to be very intense.

I was taught never to let the eye leave the object, as well. It taught me not to let what I THINK I see interfere with what was really there.

I think your animals are really well've caught their expressions, especially the bird's, and their personalities. I can't wait to see more!

Baino said...

Two other blog commenters are also venturing into the drawing thing, kj and Bimbimbie, I think you're right practice makes perfect. I wish I had the time. I draw good horses . . that's about it! Coming along nicely Mim

kj said...

i do what marion says: i trace and keep my eye glued to the page. then again, i'm no example. i can't even draw emily (yet!)

mim, how do i set up a blog list on my sidebar like yours? i like it alot and i think i'd be better at returning visits if i had that. remember i am dense. and if you don't mind, thank you :)