Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've never really painted a "painting" - if you know what I mean. Then last weekend I was in the Worlds Greatest Hardware Store (more about that later) and I found these great big tubes of acrylic paint for only $5.00 each so I bought Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black. And then I started working on an official Painting.

And here it is in process. I like the fact that I can paint over things if I don't like them. I like the creaminess of the paints and the way you can glob them around. I don't like waiting for things to dry - that doesn't appeal to my do-it-now personality.

Anyway, I'm having fun. Watch out Picasso (or is it Mondrian?)

So - the Worlds Greatest Hardware Store - is a true 5 and dime in West Concord. If you want it - they have it. Art supplies. Clothesline. Gasket-things. Buttons. Garter attachments. Penny Candy. It's like a magic store, I don't think I have ever gone in there wanting something and come out empty handed. On the other hand, I pile up a ton of things to buy and only end up spending $25.00. It's a wonderful store.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!


studio lolo said...

I immediately thought or Mondrian! And let me just say that you already seem to be a master color-mixer. I love this just as it is. It will be interesting to see how much more you do when you come back to it.I just enlarged it and the layering is yummy! Little slices of a surprise color like that touch of light blue is a stroke of genius~no pun intended.
Mim, I'm a very impatient painter. I use a hair dryer ;)

caseytoussaint said...

I love it! Please do more.

Bea said...

It looks ready to hang, you have a place for it, right? NOooooooooo
Shall I send you my address?
We have a little hardware store in town that manages to stay in business even with TWO large Do It Yourself type stores nearby.
I wander the isles enjoying myself.
Then I go next door to the Ben Franklin an old Five and Dime type store. You can still find plastic lace dollies in there. Great for using as a stencil. :)Bea

Artist Unplugged said...

Wow....I love it! You have done a great job. You must be layering that paint pretty thick, I usually find that acrylics dry pretty quickly. Masterful job of mixing the colors! I love a store like you described...could stay in there for hours! Catching up I see that you have some delicious pics from you bike ride and the piggies are so cute! I hope your 'wisdom hole' is healing nicely, quickly and painlessly!

Lynn said...

Wow, a first? What took you so long? This is terrific! And you mixed colors to get orange and that wonderful olive green! Indeed BRAVO!!! YOU GO GIRL.

And I want to go with you to your hardware/5 & dime store, it sounds like the perfect store for ME.

Mouth all better?

Mim said...

Mouth getting better - thanks for asking. I'm not rushing to have another wisdom tooth pulled tho - not so much fun!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hard to believe it is a first. What a way to begin. Don'tcha just love em paints!

soulbrush said...

i am thrilled that you have found acrylics, they are the greatest, as well as watercolours, pastels, charcoal, coloured pencils, collage.... and btw let me know heen the art books reach Kent! xxx

ElizT said...

Nice colour.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I love five and Dime stores. Thats about all we had in the small mountain town I grew up in. Looks like you found lots of fun in yours. Keep on painting. Its fun isnt it? :)

kj said...

mim, this is quite impressive. your sense of color and shape and form and balance and other painting terms i don't know all seem to apply here.

i agree with lo. this looks polished and finished.
way to go, girl..