Saturday, September 12, 2009

Six Word Saturday - Summer/Fall

I know summer is over when...

I put away my light yellow flower sprigged robe and start using the soft pink fluffy warm one.

I have to wear slippers in the house, instead of bare feet.

I start to wear socks again

My feet get SO cold at night

Sleeping by an open window is delightfully cool and refreshing

The down comforter comes back in use

The green lawn is dappled with dropped leaves, green hiding underneath red, gold, yellow and brown

The school buses are on the road again

The evening light fades differently in the fall

I want to make soups and stews and provisions for the winter

We service the furnace

I stop watering my outdoor plants

We move from the sunroom to the warm living room for evening talks

I start thinking about taking classes

We start making plans for the holidays - who goes where and when

The rain sounds and smells different in the fall

You can smell the apples and the concord grapes in the air

How do you know that summer is over and fall has begun?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I will have to think about this as it is to be 83F today... It doesn't feel like fall here but it is beginning to look a bit like fall. Leaves on the tree are curling and a few fall colors are beginning to show themselves. Mums are blooming in the garden. I am thinking I should bring out fall clothes but with it being so hot I don't want dark colors yet.

Bea said...

Certainly most of the things on your list. But,I noticed something the other day when I was out driving around. The fields are giving off this scent of cut watermelon. LOL They aren't growing them and no there weren't any by the road. It's just a smell whatever is growing has at this time of year. I LOVE IT. :)Bea

studio lolo said...

ah, my first N.E. fall in 16 years!

I know summer is over when the air becomes refreshingly crisp and clear. The marsh grasses turn ochre and russet. The geese honk as they pass by on their way South. Pumpkins are displayed on steps and doorways along with pots of mums, and the best apples of the season are beckoning to be picked.
I'll savor this first autumn home and busy myself making soups and stews. I wonder how I'll greet the first snowfall?

The foot is getting better, slowly. Thanks for asking ;)

Debra Kay said...

Misty days break up the summer's relentless sun. The hummingbirds feed voraciously before leaving for warmer climes. Apples apples apples-Mr. Bird and I are enchanted with all the flavors. My first fall garden is racing to grow before winter. Squash has croaked already-cabbage is still giving it a go. The light turns golden and lovely.

Lynn said...

I'll have to write about this the end of NEXT's not here yet fall.

However, I did take out a dark brown skirt and top last week and realized I wanted to dress in fall colors even though it is still hot out...I am ready for fall.

I too put on socks at night in bed for my cold feet (even in summer).

I saw one lone yellow leaf on our huge fig tree the other day the rest still very very green.

a sign!

I enjoyed reading your list...a breath of fresh air...wish I was going to be THERE to enjoy your fall color!!!! Did that once and thought I'd died and gone to color heaven!

marianne said...

Oh I feel it is comming but I don't want it just yet............
It has been a warm day here, but the signs are here already.

Have a nice weekend!

marianne said...

Oh I feel Fall isnear but I don't want it just yet............
It has been a warm day here, but the signs are here already.

Have a nice weekend!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Hard to feel fall when we have 98 degree weather like yesterday. but instict kicks in and we start getting ready for winter. Plants get cut back. Heavier blankets get washed to put back on bed. We start thinking of tarps for covering things outside and bringing in the potted plants.
But like Lynn we have a few weeks yet of really fall weather.

Renee said...

I completly missed summer this summer. Has it already come?

Love Renee xoxo

ElizT said...

Other way around here; plum and cherry blossom, blackbird nesting in the hedge, different slant of sunlight showing up the dust. Sorting out the short sleeves.

Baino said...

Hate to gloat (well no actually I don't) but it's going to be 30 today, warm breeze and incessant blue skies . .shame the firies have decided to backburn before bushfire season and the air is filled with smoke!

Call Me Cate said...

Pumpkin spice latte, a bit of a crisp in the air, and kitties sleeping on the bed because they are cold. All signs of fall for me.

soulbrush said...

took out my longer skirts, very cold feet at night, putting my cardigan on and then taking it off a hundred times, the whole environment just looks and feels different out there, and i am not liking it!!!!

katie jane said...

I know it's fall when the local Big Boy restaurant gets their pumpkin pies in. Love that stuff!

PAK ART said...

You described it perfectly. We are in the middle of fall and very quickly heading to winter. Crisp cold nights. Light dusting of snow on the mountains (we haven't gotten it yet, but the town north did) crunchy leaves on the ground, old dog doesn't want to go outside, too cold!

Michele said...

When it starts raining in Dallas and I have to get my sweat pants back out for my morning walk. I wore shorts on Sunday morning and it was soooo cold.

kj said...

mim, are you my twin sister?