Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Animal Wednesday - a little forest animal and a bike trail story

This little forest animal was scampering around near our car when we got back from an epic bike ride on Sunday. I watched him in a daze, but did get a chance to get a picture of him and his cozy looking tree home.

He kept running inside this tree house, and I wondered how many other chipmunks were living inside...but was too exhausted to move one inch to see if I could see any of his relatives.

We went out to a place called Tully Lake on Sunday - which is gorgeous and a wonderful place to kayak. We did do a bike ride there last year but since I was a novice, I walked about 90% of the trail and had a lovely time on a beautiful day. That was last year.

This year I wanted to see if I could ride the trail - seeing as how I'm SO much more experienced than I was last year ( do you hear the sarcasm?). I wanted to DO this trail. I wanted to conquer it. I was pumped up!
Well...I didn't walk 90% of it this year, but I'd say 60 - 70%. The trail is impossible, very technical, filled with stubborn rocks and bridges and ledges.

Do you call this a trail? I can't even see where the trail might be, but it follows those orange blazes thru the forest. So yes...this is a trail.

I walked this section...and the next...and the next after that.

Finally took a break.

While I was riding/walking/falling I swore a million times that I would never darken this trail again. I hated it with a passion. It is a mean trail. It is for testosterone laden 20 year old boys, not for mature confident don't-need-to-prove-anything women.

Now that I am three days out from trying to ride this monster...I want to go back and try it in sections. Practice. Wear more body armour and don't worry about falling.

I wonder if I am stubborn or just stupid.

Happy Animal Wednesday everyone!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you stopped to admire the what the trail has to offer besides sore body parts. Love that lake photo with the clouds reflecting in the water. I think you just want a challenge. Good for you.

Diana Evans said...

oh these shots are wonderful!!!

Bea said...

Brave. Aren't there other places you could have an enjoyable ride, actually hang your camera around your neck and not worry about being spilled off your bike? sigh...... Oh well, your name will go down in history for having done it. They did take pictures for the news, right? lololol :)Bea

kj said...

you are stubborn, mim. determined. focused. it's all good.

i am laughing my head off because i can't see myself WALKING this trail, let alone biking it. i bought myself a cool lime green bike this summer and i WILL get comfortable riding in traffic, but all those bumps and twists? i don't think i could do it.

you are my heroine for today.


studio lolo said...

I could never ever ever ever ride a bike on that trail even in my younger days. You're right. I think it requires a boatload of testosterone!!

That chipmunk is sure cute. Glad you didn't miss him.

HAW to you and your fortitude!

Lynn said...

Well I admire your do like a challenge. I'll sit back here on this soft chair and watch thank you very much. But do enjoy your .... trail...and let me know if you start to grow any hair on your chest in the process. LOL

kj said...

if you grow hair on your chest, we can braid it with beads.

Michele said...

Deb and I did a trail like this on a bike ride in Arkansas once. It was a nightmare. I probably walked 99% of it and I don't want to ever go back so you be a brave woman Mim : )

marianne said...

Wow Mim!
What a challenge!
The pictures are just wonderful , that little chipmunk!
But how cool you tried the trail again, it seems hard......
I admire your couriage!


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I'd say crazy. LOL. Yes What trail? Do let us know how it goes the next time, while we all sit here in our comfy chairs. LOL

katie jane said...

I would call you "brave"! I could never ride that trail. I'm not even that good on flat pavement. I commend you for even thinking about going back out there. Hoorah for you.

Teri C said...

What a beautiful place!!! I can appreciate your 'work' though. Good job Mim!

Artist Unplugged said...

Beautiful photos, cute chipmunk. Hmmmm, if you are healthy enough to tackle that trail, then go for it! Good for you!
Catching up on your previous posts....Happy belated anniversary, wonderful photo! Always enjoy your cartoons.
I sooooo enjoyed the photos and reading of your childhood in Brooklyn. The building and surrounding is beautiful....but that tunnel IS creepy! Hard for me to imagine growing up in such a place but it does sound wonderful.

soulbrush said...

brave, very very brave, also fit i would say..but not me, the only thing i like exercising is my mouth these days. haw mimsie. xxx
wordveri: sober (this post is sobering).

Debra Kay said...

Connie, a friend in Dallas always insisted we take the most technical parts of the trail, even if we had to walk it, because it was good for our souls. And it was fun to watch other people go down boulders that I didn't even want to walk down.

And there was that one epic moment where I thought the trail was over, got back on, hit a down hill and found out it wasn't quite finished......speed is your friend and I really just held on to my bike and prayed.

My friend Connie was laughing and said "oh man, you really should have walked that one...." yeah, right.

I bailed on the trail Michele speaks of when I flopped down in a big pile of leaves and then realized I was on a ledge. No heights for this kiddo.