Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Animal Wednesday - Birds on the River

A few weekends ago we did a Sunday River kayak and I took my bigger camera - which I really don't know how to use well yet. I wanted it because it zooms in much further than my little point and shoot but wow - is it ever hard to focus on a bird, while in a rocking kayak. I have more out of focus pictures than you could believe.

But I did get a few that were worthwhile - wish there had been blue skies but the grey day made for a softer float down then river - and a tough paddle back!

I caught this guy singing (or yelling - who knows what they are saying)

I think this is a grackle - with iridescent colors - see it if enlarges - he's got gorgeous colors on him.

I followed this poor Heron around from place to place. Everytime I got close, he'd fly away. Finally I got some shots using the zoom.

Have a Happy Animal Wednesday - hope the weather if fine where you are. We've had a few days of just gorgeous weather - and today it will rain...which is just fine.


Robin said...

Grey skies or not - these are wonderful shots! I love seeing the bird in full voice! Just fantastic! The Grackle is gorgeous - I love their iridescent feathers - but sadly, don't see them in N. Cal. "Mr. Heron" looks like he is saying - "Scram, Lady leave me in peace - you are interfering with my lunch selctions"!

I'm glad you are now able to get out in the Kayak.....I know what a stress reducer it is for you to glide along.....



♥ Robin ♥

Lori ann said...

I love those first 2 photos, they look like a silhouette, the grey skies are perfect. Have you tried letting your legs dangle over the side of the boat? it seems to help with stabilizing, but even then, it's hard with the larger lenses. Well done Mim!

marianne said...

We don't have the grackle here , but I see them in the Far East a lot. I always thought of them as Oriental crows. But I guess the corvids are all around the world!
Love the heron as well always so patience and gracious!
Glad the sun has finally reached you too! Hope the grey days won't stay.....


Lynn said...

Sunny and warm where I am. Your bird watching is wonderful to behold. Glad you caught up with that Heron. I'd love to do a threadpainting of that top photo.
Love all the branches going all over the place. Great shot.

Oh, my word verification is "entrout"... A MIM word!

Baino said...

Kudos for photographing while kyaking, I have trouble staying in focus on solid ground. The heron shots turned out nicely.

sukipoet said...

I've been cold and damp for a few days up here. wonderful photos, esp love heron.

Annie said...

Lovely photos, and I know that is a Grackle because I had one visit not too long ago.
Sunny and 70 here :-). xoxo

studio lolo said...

I know the top two are Red Winged Blackbirds, and the ones below are definately Grackles, the "pigs of birds" if you have food around. My yard is full of them but ALL are welcome ;)

I'd listen to Lori about getting stabilized. Wise woman.

Great shots. I have nothing. I was going to post more zoo shots but they're starting to depress me . I'll think of something.

HAW Ms. Mim!♥

kj said...

hahaha, i can just see you and lori dangling your legs overboard!

kyaking is good for your soul, mim. i love these shots.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is difficult to photograph birds when you are on terra ferma. I can't imagine trying to take their pictures in a canoe. HAW.

yoborobo said...

We have herons here. One morning I went out the kitchen door, and one was having breakfast at my little fish pond. We were both very surprised to see each other. He turned and flew to my neighbor's fence post. I think he ate all but one of my fishies. lol! xox Pam

soulbrush said...

wonderful pictures mim. have a happy weekend.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

wow.. how did I miss these birds photos? Love the Blue heron shot. and the one in the tree squawking. I to get a lot of blurred photos. lol