Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Week Later

I really haven't posted much in a week - except for a little Animal Wednesday - which I set up in advance. It's been a busy but productive week for us - we got much accomplished in Florida - both in chores and emotionally. I actually relaxed - and felt the tension draining out of me for a day or so, and it was a healthy healing feeling.

I think we've all noticed that there is less blog posting going on as spring emerges this year, and to me - it's all part of the cycle. Winter here in the Northeast was impressive and overwhelming weather wise, and the onset of spring has been like a release from a winter cave. I spent the morning yesterday gardening - something that I really haven't done in many years - I mean the intense, digging type of gardening that you do when you have neglected your garden for too long. (ah - metaphors). And it felt good to dig out a plant that had metastasized to all parts of my front garden, and to open the doors to the little shed and air it out. And due to all of this digging and changing and moving and healing - I haven't worried about posting, or tweeting or facebooking or whatever. (Actually, I don't tweet). I treat my blog as a place to share art, thoughts, ideas, adventures - and not as a mandatory "I have to update my blog" place. There are weeks when I post everyday - just cause it's the right thing to do that week. There are weeks when I don't post at all. It's all good.

I have noticed that some people prefer facebook, and while I do check out FB occasionally, I don't find it a good venue for me. Maybe as a quick update - as in "traveling to east nowhere this weekend - see ya" - I like that and find it good. But for posting a real meaty post - nahh - it's not the place.

So what's the point of all this? I guess it's just my reaction to seeing people apologize for not reading the blogs, or not commenting, or just being apologetic in general about their blogging habits. I don't think it's necessary to apologize - just go with the flow of the moment. Post or not - just let everyone who cares about you know that you're OK. I love blogging, I love my blog friends (in person and not in person). I love the comments you all leave, I love knowing that people don't leave comments and just lurk. I love reading other's posts and sometimes commenting, sometimes not. This venue has been - for me - an incredible tool to learn and grow and despite blogger's recent problems - mostly fairly easy.

So to sum it all up - I'm still blogging. See ya when I read ya.



yoborobo said...

Hi Mim! I agree about FB. I just haven't found my groove over there. And quite honestly, I don't need another time sink - lol! I completely agree about blogging. When the mood strikes, and when the time is right, it's a lovely thing to do, but we don't need any more pressure in our lives. :) Glad you got to dig in the dirt. I'm looking forward to doing some of that next week! xo Pam

ElizT said...

Still here, lurking, Mim; and enjoying your posts.

sukipoet said...

I agree. It should all be fun. No obligations although I like knowing that my longtime blog friends have just backed off a bit and not you know someting else.

the gardening bout sounds wonderful and the trip to FLA healing. Glad that is so for you. Now, a week of rain!!!!

soulbrush said...

Of course I agree, as you know. And as for FB I just don't get it! Love 'reading' ya always Mim. xx

Annie said...

Mim, I am glad you had a good trip, and I agree with you on all counts about blogging and FB and I don't tweet either, who in the world has the time?!
I am so glad you like your bowl

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good to hear you have had time to get into the garden Mim. You are so right about this winter being so dramatic. With all that has gone on in your life this past year I can see how healing it would be to get into the garden. The garden for me is a haven. Enjoy spring and I will see you when you get around here. Big hugs.

Lynn said...

I see the big bear stretching and yawning and waking to sun coming out slowly from her cave to view the world anew! Maybe I'll garden, maybe I'll make art, maybe I'll write. YES!!!!!!!!!!! IT's all okay! I do miss it when few come as I look always and post often; however I do understand and have no fears nor guilt trips to hand out. Maybe I won't post so often sometimes too and be really okay about it. I love this world we live in; blog in; HERE and NOW!

PS Your Israeli flag pendant keeps on attracting attention and getting kudos!

Jos said...

I think sometimes we do allow blogging to become a source of obligation ... crikey as if we didn't have enough obligations in life! What I love about blogging is how it's a journal and a correspondence all wrapped up in one. I did mean to comment on the doggie vid Mim which made me laugh. Either I forgot or blogger ate my comment but I've just been to watch it again for a giggle. It's a funny one that's for sure.

conizerg (word verification) Do you ever try to think up new words? I think I shall adopt this one. xx Jos

PAK ART said...

hear, hear! Totally agree! I find I feel guilty if people comment on my blog but I haven't been to theirs lately. Sometimes I seriously can NOT get my computer to load the pics and then I try to go back and it still doesn't work and then I get frustrated and turn it off....meanwhile time goes by. So, no guilt! Just fun! Otherwise, why bother?

Katiejane said...

And a big, fat AMEN to that, Mim! This is exactly my take on blogging! When I have something to say I say it, otherwise I sit down and shut up. I love everybody too!

Amanda said...

i love your attitude about blogging, mim, and completely agree. it's different things to different people but the main thing is that we enjoy it and not make it into some sort of obligation.

so glad your florida trip was restful! xo

studio lolo said...

I'm so glad Mim is emerging refreshed and centered. Yay for healing activities!

I totally agree with the blogging thing, and I really don't like FB. I go on there only to respond to quick hits, but otherwise I'm with you. I like the meaty posts with pics and the whole nine yards! Funny how I didn't miss the internet much while I was away. And look, you're all still here ;)
That makes me happy.♥